TITLE: High King's Consort and Unseelie Future Queen, Mistress of Poisons, Morrigan High Priestess

RACE: Fey/Full Blooded Sidhe


MERITS: Seduction (Nastassia uses her body like any other weapon), Politics (she is well versed in both Chimaeran and Human politics and can navigate easily), Poisons (Nastassia's knowledge and gifts with a variety of poisons makes her very deadly), Subterfuge, Streetwise, Weapons: Blades, Torture (A master at torture she knows just how far she can take it before maiming permanently or on some cases how to maim the most effectively as well as permanently) and Etiquette

FLAWS: Ambition, Single Mindedness, Driving Goal, Hatred (Talk about flawed. Nastassia has one goal in mind, keep Roarke in her bed and that half breed leech Gitanne Noblesse out of his. She has high goals for the Unseelie Court and she will do anything to get Roarke on the Chimaeran throne with her at his side. Anything) Recreational Sociopath (Beware of a beautiful, somewhat mentally flawed woman with power)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Nastassia oozes sexuality.  It doesn't hurt that she is beautiful, even among Sidhe standards.  She has a sharp beauty though that can be both that of an angel and a seductive demoness.  Her hair color changes as often as her mood, but seems to stray towards a natural vibrant Unsidhe red that matches her temper and a more docile blonde when she is up to no good.  Her tall, lithe body hides a strength that would surprise most and like any weapon she keeps her body well honed. Her tri-colored yes can be spell even the most stalwart and her smile hides a twisted, manipulative mind. Notable markings:  A Celtic crow tattoo on her left hip (marking her as a priestess of the Morrigan), Celtic knot work (Unseelie in design) on the back of her neck usually hidden by her hair.

CHARACTERISTICS: Beautiful, cunning, power hungry, manipulative and dangerous. All are traits of Nastassia who goes by ‘Zee’ for short. To say that Zee has ambition would be the understatement of the century.  She will do anything or anyone to get what she wants.  She and Roarke have been lovers for almost 30 years ever since he moved Court to NYC and she has spent the last decade as his official Consort.  She is determined to keep it that way.  After all, it is through him that lies her path to being a Queen. She has but one hand of power, but her hand of Dominate is almost unsurpassed when she truly puts her mind to it. How else do you think she has managed to stay in Roarke Bellemorte’s bed for so long and alive despite her continuing love of chaos.

With her position as Consort and therefore a fertile match for the High King, Nastassia holds the ear of the Court. Of late she has been whispering into the masses, saying that Roarke is losing his hold on his throne because of Queen Noblesse. If Roarke will not leave the vampire by choice, she will force him to do it. Beware of a woman with a plan.  She is anything but soft spoken and sweet, though she plays the part quite well when necessary, and yet she manages to keep few enemies.  Perhaps it is because she kills them all.  She hates particular people, harbors deep grudges and is extremely patient when it comes to revenge: a dangerous combination. She enjoys the games of politics and intrigue-and can always be found at parties and other social events on the look out for gossip and secret that could be used to get something that she wants. She likes to have people indebted to her and is always enjoys making them pay their debts with a pound of flesh-literally. As a member of the Unseelie court she enjoys blood, pain, sex and the games that incorporate all three.  She is a top and only the bravest or dumbest are willing to enjoy the pleasures she offers.

Amongst the Chimaera she is known as the Mistress of Poisons, as her mother Aisling was before her.  Some say it is the reason why the Unseelie have dominated in recent years and why there has been no war amongst the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.  After all poison can be anywhere: the tip of a blade, a drink, a new dress or even a kiss.  Zee also knows how to counteract many poisons as well. She is also the High Priestess of the Morrigan, the patron goddess of the Unseelie.

She would like nothing more than to see Gitanne Noblesse dead, her head on a platter as she hates her with a passion. She would rather have Roarke as Head of the Council with her by his side, sharing his bed and whispering in his ear…the world of humanity at the mercy and the Fey reclaiming the power they once had.

HISTORY: The Past - Only 200 Years old, young by Feyan standards, Nastassia has made a very powerful name and gathered a following in those two centuries.  Born the daughter of Roarke’s youngest adopted sister, Aisling, and Discord, a high Court Noble who was also one of Roarke's 'enforcers', Nastassia has always known the life of Courtly privilege.  No expense was spared in providing Nastassia with the best of everything, but even everything wasn't enough.  She wanted more. Even as a young teen, she knew that she wanted to be Queen, to be at the High King’s side…to rule.  Her parents knew this and could not fault her for her ambition.  Instead they gave her the tools necessary to catch the King's eye and then to hold it. For years she used her cunning brain and seductive power in order to manipulate people and events to her liking in order to accomplish her goals. Eventually when she came of age, she began to catch Roarke’s eye, but it wasn’t enough to win a permanent spot in his bed, just a quick tumble now and again. Apparently she was a little too headstrong, sociopathic and chaos loving for his tastes. She never understood that for wasn’t that what it meant to be Unseelie? Even after the stone of Medb showed that she and Roarke were a fertile pair, she could not keep him for there was always someone else on his mind.

So she tried another approach…her hand of power.  She'd always been able to read thoughts that were not carefully guarded as they should be.  In time she learned to manipulate those thoughts.  30 years ago she had honed her gifts enough that she became Roarke's mistress and after his engagement to Gitanne Noblesse was destroyed, his Consort.  She still did what she liked, bedded whom she wanted when the two grew bored with one another, but in the end she still owned the title of Consort.  Such a title allowed her freedom to be who she is, to have a seat in the political arena and many other things.  She would not lose that power.  Though she has yet to give Roarke an heir, he finally proposed to her making their union more official in both the Chimaeran and Mortal worlds.

Her bitter hate for Gitanne is unparalleled even by Gitanne’s own sister Medea, whom Nastassia has often plotted with of late. Apparently Roarke’s obsession, though some may say love for Gia, overwhelms her hand of power and lately she has found it difficult to manipulate him. An even bigger reason why the Mistress of Beasts needs to be slaughtered.  She has attempted assassinations before and almost succeeded, but Lady Darian, the Scarlet Lady saved her grandsire just in time.  Pity.

In the past few years, Nastassia has spent a good majority of her time researching the “keys”  and is determined to get one.  It won’t automatically make her Queen, but maybe it will give her enough power to change Roarke’s mind and from there the Unseelie will be great again.  Recently the Court has become more and more attentive to her whispering, her grudges and her complaints.  Roarke is losing his hold and she will be more than happy to give it back to him if she gets what she wants.  If he can’t…maybe Ian or Frost can.

The Present - Zee continues with her scheming.  First, she managed to get Roarke to come back to her bed after three long months of being away from it, slept with his son, tried to assassinate Gitanne Noblesse and became officially engaged to High King Roarke.    She has also made a pact with Bethany Feranti and has convinced Roarke to take (by force) the key from his ex-love. Of course, she has only begun.  She may be a recreational sociopath, but she is very good at plotting.  Nothing will keep her from her goals.  Nothing.

NOTABLE ALLIES: Bethany Feranti, Lord Thorn (High Court Unseelie, sometime lover, married to her sister), Raina and Sebastian Diablo, Machi (probably the closest 'friend' she has in the Unseelie Court)

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