TITLE: Gitanne's Sister, Youngest daughter/childe of the late Marius

RACE: Kindred

HAND OF POWER: Shadow Weaver

MERITS: Streetwise, Ritual Knowledge, Enchanting Voice, Drive

FLAWS: Ghost Sight, Notoriety

HISTORY: In all his years, Marius embraced only three women. One was Gia, his first and his favorite. The second was Antigone, who disappeared long ago. And the last was Medea, the daughter he had always wanted.

In a time of rationalism and industry, Medea was a throwback to the time of the fey. With her wild mane of red hair and flashing green eyes, her quick temper and quicker laughter, she was a force of nature set among mortals, a trickster and contrarian who did her best to vex anyone who placed themselves above her.

Any save for her mother, of course. Where Medea was quicksilver her mother was granite, where daughter was flash and fire her mother was a cool touch on a hot brow. But they were an unbeatable pair. From a young age Medea's mother taught her the hexes and spells that all the folk thereabout used every day- a ward to keep out vermin, a hex to strengthen the weave- and Medea took to the magic like a fish to water. The young girl soon outstripped her mother and even the local witches with the power and versatility of her spellcasting. It was this that drew Marius's attention. A wild, uncontrollable, beautiful, and powerful young woman, as unpredictable as the storm and dangerous as the flame. She was everything Marius wanted in a daugher. Their first meeting was contentious- Medea had yet to meet anyone more powerful than she. But if there was anyone who could tame her it was Marius, and tame her he did.

Medea grew to love, to idolize this man, the only father she had ever  known. She dedicated herself to serving him and he encouraged her to be the devil's advocate in all things, the sinister voice in his ear when anyone spoke to him. She was daughter and advisor, tool and weapon all in one.

The young woman unsurprisingly harbored other feelings for the vampire  who brought her into the eternal night. She was jealous of Gia and Antigone on first sight, though Medea soon realized that her middle sister was no threat to her, no rival for Marius's attention. Gia was Marius's great love, though, and for all she did she might as well not exist when her eldest sister was in sight.

She played out her desire and jealousy through proxies, finding men who looked and acted like Marius and seducing them and finding women who looked and acted like Gitanne and torturing them in unspeakable ways.

The wildness in her embraced the changing years as they sped through immortality. She knew that to live was to change, and Medea launched herself fully into the modern world. In modern nights she's known as a hellion, as someone dangerous to be around as either friend or foe. Her moods shift like quicksilver and woe to you if you jump left when she decides to go right.

When Marius died, she was devastated and her bitterness towards Gia grew. Though she cannot prove that Gia killed their sire, she believes it wholeheartedly and has been trying to dethrone her blood sister for the past five years.

A few years ago, a mysterious man approached her, named Ba-ali, promising her enough power to not only destroy Gia and avenge her father, but to rule this world. She believed him and has been searching for 'the key' that will make that come to pass. She does not recognize Jason, who is currently the host for Ba-ali as her mysterious benefactor who has been whispering to her all this time.

See Also Gia, Antigone and Marius