TITLE: Dr. Feelgood's Assistant

RACE: Fey/Full Blooded Sidhe

MERITS: Medicine, Subterfuge, Computers, Torture

FLAWS: Addiction (Cocaine), Loyalty (Feelgood)

HISTORY: The Past - Mary Cheng had always had a dark side to her. Growing up on the West Coast, she had the misfortune to become the subject of abuse by her vile step father for several years, eventually escaping from him by winning a scholarship to study medicine in New York. Mary was an intelligent, hard working girl and for some time it seemed as though she had been able to put her experiences behind her - but the scars remained. Haunted by her childhood experiences, she increasingly sought refugee in drug taking, an activity that brought her into contact with New York's premier chemist, Dr. Feelgood. The doctor took a particular interest in Mary, perhaps sensing a sadistic side buried beneath her calm surface. Her addiction to drugs loosened her ability to control her darker emotions, and Feelgood exploited this, encouraging ever-greater excess and eventually offering her employment as a lab assistant. Mary, hopelessly addicted to cocaine and increasingly dependent on Ludwig's companionship, readily accepted.

2 weeks after Mary joined the ranks of the Diablo, Chiang Cheng, her step father, disappeared from the Cheng family's apartment in San Francisco. He was never seen again. Somewhere down in the bowels of Citadel Towers, he may still be alive. Maybe. Mary works as a general assistant to Feelgood's lab experiments and surgical procedures. Few people know the full extent of her connection to the Diablo Clan, most assuming that she's just another one of Feelgood's "coke groupies", although all who meet her can sense that there is something very wrong about this young woman beyond her obvious addiction. Mary remains addicted to cocaine, and receives a regular supply from Feelgood. She is as insane as he is, and despite her slight physical appearance she remains dangerously deceptive and unpredictable.

The Present - Dr. Feelgood and Mary were killed by perpetrators unknown.

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