TITLE: Former King of the Chimaera

HAND OF POWER: Obtenebration, Tempests (Master)

HISTORY: Marius was born a child of the Chimaera, though he would not realize it until much later in life. His mother Darian was not only Kindred, as was his father, but she was also a powerful weaver of magic. It was such magic that gave Marius and his children the power to walk in the sun as Darian weaved a powerful spell while she was still pregnant with him. Also as a pureblood the thirst and his Beast did not come into full power until he had taken his first kill which wasn't until he was 28 years old, an age where he was ready to accept any consequences for such a life. In that 28 years before his Embrace, Marius did everything in his power to learn all he could about Chimaera. How many other Kindred were there? How did the Shapeshifters function? What was the hierarchy of the Fey, etc. He also became a powerful sorcerer soon surpassing his mother.   Darian doted on him, giving him the best tutors and instructors molding him into the powerful king that he would someday become. He could be particularly savage in a kill and in the next minute compliment his host on the excellent wine. He was her pride and joy.

Through out the years Marius had been viewed as a God, a scholar, a businessman, a lover, a father, and a king. He has loved some of the greatest women in history and advised some of the greatest men. But his machinations in the mortal world soon grew tiresome. He was sick of seeing the Chimaera divided, pushed into obscurity by humans. Marius saw an opportunity, a way to untie the clans, a way to unite the Chimaera...a way to become King. And so he did. He ruled with as much compassion as he did fear and violence.  Marius was a good King. He was both respected as he was feared. He did many good things for the Chimaera as a whole, but in his later reigning years also spread dissent. Not everyone was in mourning when Marius was murdered though you would never hear otherwise from even the most outspoken.

In all his years Marius created only five known children, leaving his contribution to the Noblesse clan small, but powerful.  His grandchildren however spread across the globe.  Those childer were Alexander, Darius, Gitanne, Antigone, and Medea.  Alexander was embraced one hundred years to the day of when Marius himself embraced his Kindred inheritance. Alexander was an intelligent tactician and became an ambassador in trying to unite the clans.  However he was lost during the Inquisition as far as Marius or anyone else could tell. Darius was his one great mistake for he lacked the responsibility or the sanity for such power.  His whereabouts are also unknown, though Marius made strict rules that he would not be harmed if he ever was found.  Marius himself would deal with his wayward child directly. When he first met Gitanne, he fell in love with her. Where others saw a broken half breed, he saw potential.  And so he nursed her back to life after her time with Sorrows, cultivated her to take back what had been stolen from her and to help his own desires.  He took a chance when he embraced her, neither of them thought she would live for even half Feyan have never been known to survive an embrace. But Gia did survive and she lived up to all of his expectations.  Except for one. Gia had become his friend, his daughter, even his lover now and again, but she would never consent to be his wife and his Queen. Antigone, the middle of his beautiful trio became a magnificent weaver of magic and he found equal in her.  Medea, he loved like his own daughter, doted on her like his youngest.

Seven years ago Marius was murdered.  Only Gia knows exactly what happened.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES: In life Marius cultivated a long standing alliance with Gregory and Julia Talamasca.  He also had a tenuous relationship with the Unseelie Court, but due to the fact that both he and Roarke were vying for the same woman it was never strong.  He misused the Shapeshifters greatly much to Darian and Antigone's displeasure especially. He had a brief affair with Maeve but her Seelie Court always seemed to remain neutral.  He tolerated Dominic Diablo, but barely and for years was trying to find a way to get rid of him all together.  Nicholas Giovanni was like an older brother to him and the Feranti...well there's more to that story.

See Also Gia, Medea, Antigone and Darian