TITLE: Queen of the Giovanni, Lady of Chimaeran Society

RACE: Kindred


MERITS: Leadership and Politics, Beauty, Empathy and History

FLAWS: Loyalty, Jealousy

HISTORY: The Past - Her beauty is timeless, her elegance that of a queen and her demeanor every bit of a great lady. Her face is both innocent and seductive, with her hypnotizing eyes and full red lips. With her refined features and quiet grace, she attracted the attention of her husband and sire, Gaius who later became Nicholas Giovanni. He was immediately enamored with her and even after she turned him down again and again, he continued to woo her until finally she accepted his attentions. She became his wife and his equal over two millennia ago and despite his numerous affairs she has stayed with him. In the end, she knows it is she who truly holds his heart and how can she fault him when she too has shared anotherís bed, though not nearly as many times as he has. There are some though who believe that this lady is too good for the Ancient Kindred king.

She is the anchor of the Giovanni family and to Kindred society despite Gitanneís attempts to take that title. An intelligent watcher and thinker, Marie is the one people confide in when they have a problem. Her knowledge of the world is endless and her kindness knows no bounds. It is even rumored that she and Selene have their own tete a tete once a week. She is fiercely protective of her family and to wrong any member other clan is to harm Marie herself and that is something that few have lived through after doing so. Marie will do everything in her power to make sure that everyone she loves is well protected and that includes hardening her heart when necessary.

She remains very close to all the members of her family especially her adopted daughter, Grace. But she is also close to all of the Chimaera, especially Maeve and a few mortals including her dear Mr. Gunn. An elegant queen to all who know of her and her legends, she rules her clan well. Marie remains the epitome of refinement and style. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that she is a true lady.

For a long time she had remained in the shadows, enjoying the quiet life she has chosen for herself and family. She was quite content in watching instead of participating though from time to time she would emerge either to throw one of her famous parties or to catch up so to speak. That time however has come to an end. The portends tell of many things and for one of the first times in her life, Marie is frightened. Frightened for the mortal world and of the thing that is frighteningly close to breaking through. Unlike her husband, she will do what she has to keep this world safe, even if it means her destruction.

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