TITLE: Queen of Air and Light, High Queen of the Seelie Court

RACE: Fey/Full Blooded Sidhe

HANDS OF POWER: Air and Light

MERITS: Bureaucracy, Politics, Calm Heart, Etiquette, and Leadership

FLAWS: Phobia (monophobia - fear of being alone), Soft-hearted, and Reputation

HISTORY: Now the current Queen of the Seelie Court, Maeve Llewellyn only took the throne over two thousand years ago, but was born over six thousand years ago. This Queen of Light was born to the former King and a consort of his to be his first and only child. She grew up as a Sidhe of high honor and etiquette, everything the future leader of the Seelie Court should know. Only a hundred years before she took the throne was the tear and eventual split between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.

The Seelie Court all together came to ancient Britain, during this time Maeve met her soon to be consort Aidan Sewell. Three years before the king stepped down from the throne, Maeve had proclaimed that she was with child.

She took the throne three years later and that night met her future Captain of the Guard. Rohan had infiltrated into her home and made it to her bedroom. They did have a lengthy conversation, though neither will disclose on what they talked about. Yet at the end, Rohan was appointed Captain of the Guard of the Seelie Court.

Maeve later had her only child, Lily soon after. All was well for a period of time until her consort Aidan disappeared while Lily was still a toddler. A extensive search was made for Aidan, but he was never found. Maeve was deeply saddened and took comfort in Rohan and their bond grew extensively. The court was called to move back to Ireland also to regroup and for safety of the new heiress. Rohan and her relationship grew from just being professional into the occasional lovers, yet both are unwilling to tie into a marriage bond. She knows he is immensely loyal to her and now they work ritual magicks together for years.

Early in the 19th century, Maeve called for the Seelie Court to move to New York in the United States. They located the Seelie Court on the Upper West Side, right on the Hudson River. Maeve's public stance is one of knocking the Kindred from power to let Fey rule the areas, mostly it is the urgings of the Seelie Court. Maeve really wants to work with everyone and doesn't dislike any group, except the Unseelie Court and their leader.

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