PLAYED BY: Garrett

TITLE: Assassin

RACE: Kindred/Clanless (Sire Unknown)

HANDS OF POWER: Physica (ability to change physical form into, say, an animal, or a cloud of mist. Will usually use it to grow claws when he canít use his guns, or to sneak in and out of buildings)

MERITS: Firearms (mainly his pistols, which he has four of on him at all times, but he can handle himself with most anything), Common Sense (self explanatory), Calm Heart (never lets his emotions get in the way of anything).

FLAWS: Reputation (his skills as an assassin and gunman have earned him a name in the world of crime), Weak-Willed (when it comes to women, Makarei is a big push-over. This fact has gotten him into trouble on various occasions)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall, dark, and Russian. Makarei is a mercenary, and he has gathered quite the reputation as one. He is loyal to any who pay well, and even more loyal to those who pay better. His hand of power gives him a terrifying skill at infiltration and assassination. His hand of power coupled with his great skill in firearms, and his calm and cool demeanor, makes Makarei a very dangerous kindred. Makarei speaks English with a slight Russian accent (heís had a lot of time to practice), but he rarely speaks his mother-tongue (the reasons for which being a mystery to all but him).

HISTORY: The Past - The early part of Mackarei's life is obscured in shadow, and known only to him. Or at least that's what he believes. As far as his less shady past goes, he has been floating around the world for many years doing mercenary work. After taking care of some business in Mother Russia, Mackarei has made his way across the Atlantic to find new work in New York.