TITLE: Leader of all the Shapeshifters, Ulfric of the Werewolves

RACE: Werewolf

HANDS OF POWER: Animalism, Celerity and Mother Earth

MERITS: Law, Leadership & Politics, Laws of the Earth, and Martial Arts (fighting), Animalism

FLAWS: Unwanted gift (were gene), Nightmares

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Lucien is tall and slender in the way a dancer is slender, all muscles and shoulders planed down to a smooth, graceful machine of flesh. He has bold facial features and unmistakable gold eyes swirled with green.

PERSONALITY: Even though Lucien dislikes his were gene, being the Leader of the Shapeshifters, he is protective of them and is very loyal, remembering the time of Daemon. There are a few exceptions, for some of the clan seem to forget that he is the Alpha and that they're under his rule. Lucien has his suspicions about some of the others, but he keeps them hidden, not wanting to cause any more fury than there already is. He's naturally stern, but at the same time can be a good companion to people he trusts, though that is very rare. He has looks and the charm to match it when willing, almost to match the pheromone cocktail.

Lucien does not easily trust someone right off the bat, and it takes enormous amounts of time, unless you just get on his good side an impress him enough to trust you. The only people he can consider to be on a trusting basis would be Doyle and Gunn, whom he has known for years. Lucien's relationships with the other Chimaera are formal and discreet, and does not spend much time with them in 'friendly' conversations. He is not extremely close to anyone, save his friendship with Doyle, though does not enjoy the fact that his best friend is Gia’s animal and that he doesn’t mind the position. Lucien is very wary of Queen Gitanne and her powers, still on the edge of respecting her or disliking her altogether, though given his current situation, disliking her is what he faces now, for Lucien strives to get the Shapeshifters to greatness and will have to overthrow the Noblesse. He believes that the proverbial keys are the Shapeshifters' chance to this goal, though there is a part of him holding back. Could the other side be as evil as some of them keep saying?

HISTORY: The Past - Not much is known to others about Lucien's past. He is as mysterious as he is dangerous when on the 'wrong' side. "An enemy you would hate to have, and and ally you would love." Though what is known is that ten years ago Lucien was one of the country’s most successful and respected lawyers. He had made it his life’s work to make sure that justice was served and that wrongs were righted. That need to protect and avenge others did not change when he first met Daemon, the former King of the Shapeshifters. He’d heard stories of course, of the man's cruelty to those who would seek his guidance and protection.

Lucien stayed out of the Clan’s politics and kept a low profile among his own kind, so Daemon was of little consequence. That is until he met Vanessa, whom he had shared a close bond with. Though only for a short while, her interest in Lucien and their time together made him forget about his unwanted gift. He had seen Daemon tear her apart day after day, though, until the only escape from the Hell she was living in was death, which brought an emptiness deep within; a small part that he looks back on, yet not extreme enough to interfere with his life. Vanessa wasn’t the only innocent that was suffering by her King’s hand and Lucien vowed to stop him once and for all. After an intense battle for power with Daemon that almost cost him his life, Lucien became Alpha Male and the new Leader and Protector of the Shifters.

Of all the Council Member’s, he tries to stay out of the limelight and shifts it to the other members of his ‘family.’ He has had a hard time fully embracing his nature and enduring the prejudice that every were faces. Lucien is still a lawyer and is either always working on cases, Chimaera businesses, or searching... for yet another of the proverbial keys.

The Present - Lucien discovered Wendigo's Paw, one of the 13 Fabled Keys and its activation resulted in the devastating EMP that hit the city. He's faced an attempted takeover by Keil, seen his best friend go through a deep depression and turn to drugs, and watched as needless shifters around the world are tormented by the wolves he is finding hard to control. He meant to make the Shifters independent, free of any control. He wanted to make them great. But is it too late?

See also Doyle, and Keys