TITLE: Princess and Heiress to the Seelie Throne

RACE: Fey/Full Blooded Sidhe


MERITS: Enchanting Voice; Animal; Enigmas; Manipulation; Politics and Bureaucracy; Blind Fighting and Soft Martial Arts

FLAWS: Intolerance (Unseelie Court, Diablo Clan), Frustration, Distrusting; Vengeance; Phobias (being captured, sexual abuse); Heiress to a throne

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The innocence of femininity within only an appearance. Lily Sewell has a certain purity about her, which emanates in a beauty that mysteriously draws the beholder. The blood of the Fae is luminously evident in her enchanting and elegant facial features and lithe body image. Long, ebony hair, in gentle waves, freely flows along her back, which is always fashioned with flecks of shimmering sequins and natural entities. Lily's clothing has always been to express the nobility and naturalism of the Fae in the Old World (as well as her love of water) and her apparel usually consists of elegant, flowing garments of silk, ranging from different-coloured blues. More casually, she might wear classic fitted pants, but still with a blouse of the same kind of style. It is no surprise that her clothing is of Nymphette Designs, designed especially for her by her best and closest friend, Simona, and surely getting her friend's line more exposure than it already has.

CHARACTERISTICS: In her presence, it is not difficult to perceive that she is of noble blood and unmistakably Sidhe, yet to most, she appears as only a meek model of an heiress and an opportune advantage for some to ensure the decline of the Seelie Court in the future.-- She is by far not as innocent as she looks and what her past may portray. Lily was once, but things can and will change, even without the rest of the world's knowledge. This change was caused by an incident that only a handful of people know about, or those who have gone out of their way to obtain the knowledge.

Lily is a very loyal and good friend to others she trusts, but when she has a grudge against someone, it's for life. Due to experience, she finds it painfully hard to give her trust to anyone, yet even so, her kindness does not fade, unless she truly detests the certain person. Contrary to what the rest of society sees, she can indeed be very dangerous and quite able to defend herself. She has seemingly not been one to show aggression, and having no reputation of torture-- along with her fragile appearance and demeanour-- she is a victim that seems easy to obtain. There is one element of her frustration that most people do notice, but generally it is related to her as merely 'feisty'. One does not know to what extent her frustration and vengeance reaches when provoked. Lily is also very cunning and a fast thinker which has gotten her out of ugly predicaments with even some of the cruelest of people... though her hand of power and fighting skills have helped her more than once.

HISTORY: Maeveís only daughter and heir to the Seelie throne, she is the product of her motherís long time relationship with her consort Aidan Sewell, who disappeared when Lily was still a child. She was born in ancient Britain around 2,000 years ago, just after the separation of the Fae into two Courts and her mother took the Seelie throne-- instantly becoming at risk of all those who would wish harm to the new heiress.

Lily has been taught many things and at an early age, and was brought up with an education of what an heir and future leader should have. Although Lily realized what her title entailed, she spent most of her youth finding new ways to evade her guards and escape to spend time in the forests near lakes and rivers-- much to Maeve's worry to say the least, though she felt more at home by water than any other place. Many years after the disappearance of her father and her true grasp of the situation set in, Lily questioned and disliked the idea of being an heir, especially since her only view was, of course, for peace and hadn't wanted to witness any more of her people trying to fend off enemies. She tried to comfort her mother, yet because of her own reluctance at the time, coping with her consort's disappearance was far more distressing. Thus Queen Maeve became closer with the Captain of the Guard, Rohan; his comfort being indeed more helpful than her young daughter's. Lily knew little of the former Unseelie, but had no real dislike for him and actually became quite fond and curious of his mystery.

As she grew older, Lily's kind-hearted nature was widely known to many people... as was her disinterest in being what she is supposed to be. Still, Lily's title and vulnerability had led her to some experiences that she's reflected on for years in pain and resulted in fears that have haunted and controlled her life. One incident that occurred, when an evening long ago, Lily had been proclaimed missing after last being seen near a stream. Maeve, Simona, nor anyone else had seen the heiress, not until a year later, the Queen of Air heard her daughter's weak cries, and found her lying on the earth, broken, dazed and nearly lifeless.

It had only been a year, but to her it could have been centuries. Lily had been injured both physically and mentally; tortured and sexually abused-- a year which had frightened and humiliated her, especially since she was of a young age for Feyan standards. But then suddenly everything became clear. After that, Lily knew she must defend herself magically and physically... and extremely well. She would prove that she was fit to be queen when the time came and devoted a lot of her time into politics and defense. Many found it a bit odd, when suddenly Lily's air changed. There was something off... something not there anymore, yet she acted the same... only different. Still the sweet girl, but the essence of purity seemed to be gone and a determination and wariness of her position arose.

Lily is naturally kind and even though she knows she is able to defend herself well, her fears can make her lose sight of what she knows. Over time, her anger and fear of what had happened lessened, though ever since those days 1,500 years ago, she found herself becoming frustrated many times and is still hunting for the knowledge as to whom was there. Lily had also recognized her mother and Rohan's relationship and her distrust for him grew significantly; the mystery that she once loved was a caution and a way to dislike the man who came from the shadows of the Unseelie Court.

Because of years of experience, her political air often comes into play, as she is always trying to bring the Fae's power back as supreme, than to conform to the rule of a half-breed. She distrusts Gitanne, but not the whole of the Noblesse family and is fond of Medea for what she has gone through with Gia. Lily hates the Unseelie Court and Diablo Clan for the possible connections to her fatherís disappearance, and her mind is always running through plans for the future concerning them. The Unseelie king, Roarke Bellemorte holds the highest disrespect from Lily. People like Sebastian and Frost- she despises them; Frost, especially, not only as an Unseelie, but the secretive Captain of the Guard represents the security of her enemy..

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