TITLE: Prophetess



MERITS: Awareness (especially in darkness), Calm Heart, Martial Arts (Savate, Krav Maga), Strong Sight (only at nighttime)

FLAWS: Bad Sight (cannot see well in bright light or during the day), Painful Incomprehensible Visions, Higher Purpose, Loyalty (to her brother Stephan), Shy

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Laurelin stands at 5’ 8” with long, flowing blonde hair and a lean, athletic figure. Because of her aversion to sunlight her skin is very pale, but shines with a luminance similar to moonlight. Laurelin’s most striking feature are her eyes which are deep violet in color. When it comes to fashion Laurelin prefers comfort and usually wears simple jeans and sweaters, or light flowing dresses. Her outfits are usually all one color in varying shades of white, blue, or red. Always barefoot, she prefers the feel of the ground under her feet and will only wear shoes when absolutely necessary. She is never without her sunglasses wearing them outside during the daytime not only because of her sensitivity to light, but also because it deflects unwanted human attention from her unusual eyes. Although she rarely needs her glasses during the night they are always close by in case she needs them.

CHARACTERISTICS: Laurelin is soft-spoken, thoughtful, kind, and seems shy at times. Those who count themselves among her close friends know that her warmth and sincerity are abundant but are sometimes hidden by her reserved exterior. Because of the pain and tragedy within her past, she is quiet and will at times journey through her own thoughts for hours without realizing. By no means does this mean that she is feeble minded or indecisive, far from it.  Through her years of study, travel, and training she has honed her skills to perfection. There are few who can take her in a fist fight or beat her at speed. But she prefers not to fight unless it is absolutely necessary and carries no malice within her heart.

Because of her sensitivity to bright light Laurelin is rarely seen during the daytime, preferring to go out during the night. For this reason she feels a closer connection to vampires and shapeshifters than other Faye do. Because of her limited vision her other senses have become extremely focused. Her hearing is very sensitive and she can usually hear the whispers others would keep secret even when they are in a crowded room. Her sense of touch and balance are acute, she can feel the slightest temperature change around her, and because she feels more comfortable having actual contact with the ground she usually goes barefoot. Although her sight is severely impaired in the daylight, she misses no detail within the darkness and can see better than most other Faye during the night.

Laurelin has learned not to try to understand the literal meanings behind her visions, but rather to connect with the emotions they cause. For instance after her most recent majeur vision she was left with a feeling that no matter what the future holds for the fate of the Great Keys, the only way the Chimera will survive what is to come is if they stand united as one. For this reason Laurelin does not wish to alienate any of Chimeran Clans and attempts to find new allies anywhere she can. Of the vampires she is closest to those in the Giovanni family and she uses her nocturnal inclinations to create bonds between the Faye and the Shapeshifters.

In her private time she loves to read, write, paint, or listen to music. She loves cats because of their nighttime habits and has a tortoiseshell calico cat named Lacey who follows her everywhere.

HISTORY: The Past - Laurelin was born in the countryside of Northern France almost 100 years ago. The youngest of three children she was the daughter of Lady Gabrielle a high-ranking member of the Seelie Court, and Roland a distant relative of Queen Maeve. As the youngest child of her noble parents, Laurelin was born into privilege but never felt burdened with the responsibilities of leading the family or the Fey of that region. When her parents stepped down from their high positions her older brother or sister would take their place.

From a young age it was apparent that Laurelin’s vision was different from other Fey, being unable to stand the daylight or any bright light, but amazingly sharp and perceptive in the darkness. For the first years of her life she lived in complete happiness, leaning about court policies and the ancient arts of magic from her mother, the the love of nature from her father. Above all things she adored her older brother Stephan, loving him more than the world itself and doing anything in her power to please him.

It was amidst this respective bliss that Laurelin’s world utterly changed. In 1932 she received the first of her visions. It was always assumed, because of her unusual eyes, that she would one day become a great Seer, but no one expected so early nor so violently. While horseback riding with Stephan she was struck down by a horrible, unceasing pain which left her in a coma for nearly three months. When she awoke she could remember nothing of her vision save that it filled her with a great despair. Desperate to find answers her parents sent messages to all of the great Feyan Seers and healers, and even sent word to the High Queen, while Laurelin herself spent hours upon hours studying old manuscripts and descriptions of visions in order to spark her memory. Unfortunately no one was able to shed light on Laurelin’s position.

Six months after the “first incident” as Stephan calls it, another tragedy stripped Laurelin of any sense of normality she still had. At night while strolling in her family’s gardens she was attacked by a pair of demonic assassins who almost beat her to death while attempting to abduct her. Alerted by Laurelin’s cries Gabrielle, Roland, & Stephan rushed to her aid and fought off the attackers, but at a great price. Both her mother and father fell in the battle and Laurelin herself was badly injured.

Although never discovering the demons’ true identities or whether they were working under someone else’s orders, Stephan was convinced that someone wanted more information about Laurelin’s vision and had attempted to kidnap her to learn more.

With the death of her parents Laurelin was thrust into the harsh light of reality. Stephan ascended to his parents’ position in the European Court and Laurelin began to learn the talents that would ensure her and her family’s survival. Laurelin’s devotion to her brother grew even deeper when he saved her life and she didn’t argue or resist when he insisted that she learn to defend herself. She traveled the world (with a heavily armed escort) leaning various martial arts styles, excelling in Savate and Krav Maga. Through her studies and travels she developed an amazing awareness of what was going on around her, able to understand a situation moments after entering a room or knowing when danger was close.

After her first initial break Laurelin has had many other visions, although only two have been as severe as the first. The moindre visions are less painful than the majeur ones, but all are difficult to decipher. Last year while struck with her third majeur Stephen was able to make out the phrases clé de porte (key to the door) and fente les puissances des ténèbres (the opening of the powers of darkness). Suspecting that this latest vision is connected to the Great Keys, Stephan has sent Laurelin to New York to serve in the High Queen’s court, and aide Queen Mauve in any way she can.

The Present: Coming Soon