TITLE: Lady Lewellyn Leafglow, High Queen Maeve's Sister, Mother of Ian Leafglow (by Roarke Bellemorte)

RACE: Fey/Full Blooded Sidhe

HANDS OF POWER: Entrance, Glamour

MERITS: Alchemy, Herbalism, Hedge Magic, Greymayre, Ritual Knowledge, Seduction

FLAWS: Paranoia, Alienated, Frustration, Bi-Polar

HISTORY: Laurana was born in the forests near what is present day Dublin in 105 B.C. She was raised not as a leader, but was taught the intricacies of court life and was trained to be a prize for a lucky Seelie ally. She showed a great ability for all sorts of powerful magicks and when she was a mere child of some fifty years old, she was able to successfully trasmute lead into gold. This ability made her a very valuable commodity for the Seelie court and in 36 B.C. she was shipped off to Thrace, a gift for Bonhem, King of the Nixes. She hated leaving her native Eire and immediately disliked her new lord. He was stormy, prone to beating her for the slightest infraction. He was also a philanderer and after she discovered her new paramourís infidelity, she began her own torrid affair with the Kingís Captain of the guard. She was quickly found out and Bonhem caught them together one night. He slew his rival and turned to destroy his ruined property. She managed to entrance him with a powerful seduction spell and when he was at his most pliable, she gripped a dagger that she had secreted under her pillow and stabbed him over one hundred times until his blood soaked his bedsheets and he lay dead. She ran away to the city of Rome with the help of her loyal maidservant and there she hid in seclusion for over two years until it was safe enough to board a Roman ship bound for Britain. There, she stole a small boat and crossed the Irish sea to her beloved Eire once again.

After she returned, Laurana was changed. She thought that her sister and Queen, Maeve, had betrayed her and given her to a terrible man to prevent a future coup. Maeve, of course, had only been looking after her sisterís best interests and had no idea of Bonhemís evil ways. She became convinced that everyone at court was plotting against her, that they feared her powerful sorcery. Every day, she grew more and more withdrawn until finally, she moved into a small, isolated cottage in the far south of the emerald isle. She stockpiled thousands of potions, poisons, remedies and gold. Tons and tons of gold. She began to lure men to her cottage with promises of treasure beyond imagining and the forbidden love charms of the Alfar. These men were never seen or heard from again. She remained in the cottage for hundreds of years, safe behind a strong wall of glamour. She continued to grow more and more unstable and somehow, in 1850, just hours after Queen Maeve moved the Seelie court to America she gave birth to a boy. The identity of his father was a popular subject in the court and she became an object of pity and ridicule. The boy was winged and very sickly. Laurana used all her power to keep the love child alive in those first years, but as her son, who had been named Ian grew stronger, Laurana grew more and more unhinged. When Ian, who was just fourteen years old finally ran away from home, she flew into a grand mania. She raved for months and months until she finally settled down into a great melancholy and eventually, became fully catatonic. For some reason, just a few short days ago, she awoke from her unnatural slumber. She seems to be completely recovered somehow, but in the corner of her eyes you can still see the insanity, ready to spill out at any time.

See also Ian, Roarke and Maeve