PLAYED BY: Garrett

TITLE: Hacker

RACE: Human

MERITS: Extensive Computer Skill: Kyle is able to manipulate computers to do almost anything that a computer is capable of doing. From taking control of another computer, to crashing an entire buildings security network, Kyle can do it. Enigma: Kyle is used to difficult puzzles, and can think well on his feet. Who says video games don't teach us anything. Electronics: Kyle has a pretty good idea of how most electronic things work, and could build a few useful items if given the right materials, Concentration, Repair.

FLAWS: Deep Sleeper: Kyle could sleep through an earthquake if the situation arose. Fortunately, he only has to sleep through the noise of NYC.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Kyle is a 19 year old computer freak. He looks the part. His brown hair and beard are generally long and unkempt. He stands at about 5'9" tall, which doesn't bother him at all. Kyle is nearly the definition of a night owl...well...for a mortal. This usually leaves a nice depression around his blue-green eyes. He loves to debate, and will stick with his opinions until he is proven wrong.

HISTORY: Kyle grew up in a small dead-end city in Washington. In his early years he fell in love with electronics and computers and began to teach himself how to work and manipulate different devices. His parents were the kind of parents who loved their child, but couldn't spend time with them. So they made up for it by buying Kyle everything he asked for. With an almost infinite amount of resources Kyle became extremely skilled with computers and electronics. He decided to pursue a career in the fields. While being extremely intelligent, Kyle did not do very well in school. He would shrug off his homework to work on a program he was creating, or to mod a few video games. He barely graduated from High School, and immediately decided to throw himself into the career pool. Kyle had to look out of town to find any jobs, and finally he got an offer from a small technology business in New York. He got the idea that he was a shoe in for the job, therefore he rented a small apartment, packed up his things, and moved to New York. However, upon his arrival he found that the job was given to another applicant. Kyle had no other choice but to stay in New York. He has now begun to look for a way to pay the bills.