TITLE: Unseelie Muscle, Part of the Wild Hunt

RACE: Slaugh

HANDS OF POWER: Potence and Fortitude

MERITS: Martial Arts - Fist Fighting, Firearms - Pistols, Weapon - Bastard Sword

FLAWS: Disfigured (Serious facial and body scars from combat), Speech Impediment (Because of wounds and split tongue, speech is slurred and sibilant), Loyalty (Because Roarke spared his life as a child and supported him, Kor has an intense loyalty to the Unseelie King)

HISTORY: Many years ago during The War to rid the world of the Firbolg, Kor was born. His mother was a High Court Noble who chose to live in a small village on the fringes of enemy territory to help the forays that the Fey launched. One night when the Fey were out on patrol, the Firbolg attacked the small village and captured several of the women.

Kor's mother was brought back to their encampment and taken by the chief of the tribe. She was raped repeatedly and beaten for days. Because of Fey incursions, the tribe moved deeper into their own territory, taking the unfortunate Fey girl with them. She became pregnant from the constant rapings and eventually gave birth to Kor. Even though the child was beastial, he at least had two arms and two legs, unlike some of the Firbolg. And, even though she hated the Firbolg, she came to love the child she bore.

Two years passed and word reached the Fey that some of their women may have survived the attack and taken captive. They mounted an expedition and attacked the Firbold village. Kor's mother was found but because of the years of abuse, she was barely alive. When she was found, she clutched the toddler Kor in her arms and begged Roarke to spare his life and rear him to adulthood. The Fey warrior reluctantly agreed and took Kor in. His mother died just hours later and Kor was taken back to live among the warrior Fey as the War continued.

The War dragged on and eventually Kor was allowed to take the fight to the creatures who killed his mother. Kor had grown into a fearsome figure. At seven and a half feet tall and weighing in at 480 lbs., Kor was a wrecking machine on the battlefield. At times, he needed to be restrained after the battle because of the the Berserker Rage. He couldn't fight near allies because of it but the kill rate was staggering. The Firbolg put a bounty on his head and he became a special target on the battlefield.

Years passed and the War was eventually won. When the Courts split, Kor went with his father figure and joined the Unseelie. Because of changing times, Kor fit in poorly and became a burden on the Clan. He and Roarke decided that maybe some time out of the fight might be better than endangering his life and the status of the Clan. So, with powerful magicks, Kor was put to sleep.

Centuries rolled by with Kor in a magically induced coma and Roarke carried the body with him everywhere he headquartered. Because of recent troubles with the other Clans and the gate about to open, Kor has been roused from his centuries of sleep and put back to work as the true muscle of the Unseelie Court.

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