TITLE: Nimir-Raj of the Cats, Prince of Cats, Alpha of the Sekhmet Pard (East Coast to the Mississippi)

RACE: Werejaguar

HANDS OF POWER: Animalism and Physica

MERITS: Laws of the East, Firearms, Martial Arts (hard), Stealth, Sniper

FLAWS: Torn Loyalties, Reputation

HISTORY: The Past - Keil Hadick was born on December 14, 1932 to two werejaguars, a rare combination. By their nature, werecats are sensual beings but females are even rarer. Rarer still, both his parents resisted the urge to move on, to adventure and travel. He grew up as normally as a were could, though he had an easier time of it than most werelings. For one thing, he has never had to worry about the full moon- as a pureblood, he can change at will and has never been forced to change under the full moon. For another, he had two werejaguar parents to raise him.

Keil's youth and adolescence were almost idyllic. He was a great student, with a sharp mind and an easy charm that marked him as one of the cool kids. He was friends with everybody from the motorheads to the nerds to the preps to the jocks. The teachers loved him. When high school graduation rolled around, he was expected to attend Stanford after a long summer vacation. But it wasn't to be. His father had been exempted from the war because of his condition- you can't send somebody into combat who might eat his squad mates under the full moon- but Keil hadn't escaped being affected by the sounds on the wireless and the sights of the newsreels. It built up in him, and eventually he snapped. Keil had a nervous breakdown and ran away to join the army. He was only 17, but he lied about his age. And though he lied about his condition, too, the doctors found out- but because he was a pureblood, not a normal were, he was allowed to enter the service.

It was in the army that he discovered his calling in life. Though he didn't care for the strict discipline, he understood it and eventually built up his own sense of self-discipline. And the army brought out something else in him. Maybe its his animal nature or maybe something about him is just different from other people, but he has just the right combination of self-discipline and a lack of common morality that he was judged to be just right for first sniper school, then for further training in how to kill people in hundreds of different ways. And it wasn't just his lack of scruples that made him a great government assassin. His natural gifts extend far beyond the average were's ability to change shape. He has an incredible control over his shape, from being able to turn into animals other than his natural panther form all the way to being able to turn himself into mist. And that's not all. He stayed in the service of his government for more than a full haul- 20 years with 10 after that- and retired from Army and CIA service in 1980. He tried to stay retired but got bored inside of six months. Keil contacted some old friends and got plugged into the murder for hire business.

In the 20 years since he started hiring himself out as a professional killer, he has become an artist. He can still use a gun or rifle with scary precision, can still strike a person's windpipe and kill them without allowing them to make a noise, but he has started to relish the artistic kill. Drowning an alcoholic or noted wine aficionado in a cask of spirits, drowning a scuba diver in his bathtub, poisoning a marathon runner to make it look like a heart attack- that is how he prefers to operate now.

He is the head of the pride, the Prince of Cats, the alpha cat in the city. And he hates the fact that the cats- weres with the hearts of lions and tigers beating in their chests- are ruled over by a bunch of wild dogs. He isn't afraid of them- there isn't much that would scare Keil anymore- but he is far from stupid and knows they are outnumbered and that even if he could bring Lucien down he would have the other wolves at his throat. Keil is waiting for an opportunity to bring down the alpha- Lucien- but is willing and more than able to appear to completely support the wolves command. That the leader and representative of the were community is uncomfortable in his own skin only reinforces to Keil that he is unfit to rule over them.

Keil is well known for his sensual nature- he is good looking and knows it and has often been seen around town with a different girl on his arm every night of the week. He dresses well, takes care of his appearance, and lives very well off of commissions for jobs, a generous government pension (more like 'hush-money' than a pension), and a good relationship with his broker and mutual fund. As far as the others of his kind go, first and foremost, he is concerned for himself and those he cares about. Second, he is concerned about the other cats in the city. After that come the other Chimaera, then the Kine. And as far as this other thing goes- the Shadow, the Adversary, the coming Apocalypse, he hasn't made up his mind. It all depends what's in it for him.

VIEWS ON OTHERS:  Asher - Noblesse Enforcer (possible friendship, friendly competition)
Raina - Diablo assassin (same, maybe with a short, stormy affair)
Rohan - Seelie Capt of the Guard (wary respect for him, a little distrust, maybe, because of his hidden past)
Frost - Seelie Capt of the Guard (wary respect for him, not much interaction beyond maybe meeting him a few times)
Doyle - Shifter Enforcer (apparent friendship while he plans to stab the wolf in the back)
Khan - weretiger (doesn't like him but has to deal with him)
Fitzcairn - Satinamuh assassin (absolute hate on for Fitz- they'd both love to see the other dead though the human doesn't know that Keil is Chimaera- possibly worked or trained together, as Fitz 'at one time worked for the government')
Charlie - Professional Thief (Used her services before, may know more about her missing husband than he is letting on, a very healthy attraction)