TITLE: Former Queen of the Diablo

RACE: Kindred


MERITS: Finance, Seduction, Subterfuge

FLAWS: Loyalty, Overconfident

HISTORY: The Past - Born in Spain in 1476, Katrina Diablo was originally named Catalina Montaya. She was turned by Dominic at the age of 26. Changing her name to the more seductive Katrina, she traveled all over the Old World at her sire's side for over 300 hundred years. At the turn of the 18th Century, Katrina sired her first childe, an English sailor by the name of Geoffrey. For the first time, Katrina left Dominic to show her childe the nature of what it meant to be kindred.

Three decades after Geoffrey's embrace, he sired his own childe, the young daughter of a French painter. He did so without the permission of the Prince of that territory. As a result, both Geoffrey and his childe were put to death. The entire situation was devastating to Katrina. She traveled to America shortly after and has never again sired a childe.

Katrina spent the next couple of decades sulking and hiding in the United States before rejoining Dominic in Italy. It was then the relationship between the two of them progressed beyond one between a sire and childe. After being embraced almost 400 hundred years ago, Katrina took her sire's name and her place as his wife. During the next century, Katrina began to use all of talents of seduction and finance to further the Diablo family reputation. It was at this time Katrina took over the North American interests of the family.

After the Venice Jyhad, Katrina and Dominic moved the family to New York. This move placed Katrina in firm control of the family's future with her handling of all North American interests. This is a position she plans to exploit.

Katrina's main goal was to see the rise of the Diablo family into being the most powerful of the kindred families. Although she loved and cared deeply for her husband, Katrina rarely thought twice about manipulation if she believed it was for the good of the family. Katrina felt that she could accomplish anything she wanted. A contributing factor to this was the equal footing she and Dominic shared in the family. With her voluptuous body and stunning good looks, Katrina knew she was attractive and used it to her advantage; her good looks hiding a cunning and intelligent mind.

However true immortality was not to be.  In retaliation for Dominic obliterating a Talamascan orphanage (he said he thought it was Satinamuh) Katita, the Duelist cornered Katrina and killed her (in self defense or so she says).

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