TITLE: Baroness of the Tri-state Area, Duelist

RACE: Human/Witch/Key

HANDS OF POWER: Fire and Fortitude

MERITS: Martial Arts: Hard (Unique), Martial Arts: Soft, Martial Arts: Weapon (Kau sin ke), Occult, Chaos Magic, Double Jointed

FLAWS: Curiosity, Reputation: Duelist

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Katita has a natural beauty that doesnít need cosmetics in the slightest, not that she would wear such things. She is thin, but wiry, and looks very athletic. Her eyes sparkle with intensity and intelligence, and she has a tomboyish way about her.

CHARACTERISTICS: Katita's relationship to the rest of her clan is rather spotty, as politics hasn't been on her mind. She likes her clan, she'll defend those that need defending, but as far as anything else goes she doesn't concern herself with it. Not to say that she won't get into it eventually, but she's a very young, wide eyed immortal in New York City for the first time. The only thing she wanted to do was check in with Natalie and get drunk afterwards. Of course things got infnitely more complicated.

PERSONALITY: Itís a gruff charisma that she welds, but it works. Katita isnít exactly the wine and cheese type (Although she does appreciate such things), she would prefer a shot of whiskey and a beer to chase it down with. She is quite confident of herself and her skills, and she is completely fearless when it comes to dangerous situations. This works for and against her at times.

HISTORY: The Past - She was born on November 19, 1952, in a small van. The land around the van was called Asheville NC, and it was a small but peaceful place. The birth didnít keep her parents together however, as the father left for parts unknown. The mother (whose name was Tempest) was left to fend for the child. She didnít mind it at all really. After 272 years of existence, it wasnít even a trifle.

Tempest was a wandering type, a nomad, and she and Katita traveled across the United States and Canada many, many times. Katita loved her mother, and wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Tempest was flattered, but she told her daughter to simply be herself. ďDearest child, as you know I have the element of air coursing through my soul, where as you have the gift of fire. I cannot teach you your element, as it is not mine. But perhaps if you exercised with me you can find out what your primal force says to you.Ē

Tempestís exercises consisted of combat. Every morning Tempest and Katita got up, and they fought for a few hours. Needless to say Katita took many a beating during those first few years. Tempest didnít teach her one punch or kick; Katita had to figure everything out on her own. Year by year she slowly got better, eventually developing a strange unorthodox style all by herself. As they traveled the country they would challenge other Chimaeras to duels, to see how they were progressing. Some were to the death. Some were not. Eventually Katita made quite a name for herself in some circles.

It wasnít all martial arts however. Tempest also taught her the ways of the Hidden. Together they would go through old tomes, visit other witches, scholars, keepers of occult knowledge. Tempest knew more than a few entities, and for the most part they shared their knowledge with her and her child. It was a happy existence. One morning, rather recently, Katita woke up from her sleep to find herself all alone. She went to the bathroom of the motel that they were staying in, expecting to find the usual note. She did find the note, but it wasnít usual at all.

It is time for us to part our ways, as you do not need my aid anymore. You have grown up to be a beautiful young woman, and you have only begun in mastering your talents. You know what you are of course, and you know what that entails. You are so full of adventure!!! I suggest you go to New York, and seek your destiny there. Itís the only major city you havenít been to, and you always begged me to take you there. I had my reasons for not going there, frankly. When we meet again in this life or the next, I shall tell you about them. Make me proud sweetheart, you are the only child I have.

Present Days: A lot has happened since she stepped over the boundaries that separated New York City from the rest of the world. Katita never expected to have to break into a club just to see why there was such a magical stink around the place, never expected her first friends to consist of a Seelie with wings and a snarky little Wererat. She never really expected a cynical one-eyed seer to meet her at the door and tell her that she had a larger destiny just after she had cried her eyes out over the orphanage. A choice made (or was it destiny), a one-woman war started, culminating in a fight in a wrecked Wal-Mart that ended in the queen of the Diablo dying just before she passed on due to her own wounds... and activated the key that she was destined to become.

She died. Then she came back with a lot more mojo than she had before she left. Soon after that she had nearly died again on the way to see Selene due to a Diablo ambush in a Chinese restaurant (admittedly it probably was not the best of ideas to cross Diablo territory to get to Sheherezades but fire children are like that). Thanks to the aforementioned goddess, or perhaps the subtle hand of power that the duelist found herself with, she managed to get to the club to heal. She also managed to attract Selene's attentions by suddenly feeling her up due in part to the magical bond that she and Natalie shared, thanks to Seth.

It was a bit much for her, even with Olesia and Barinthius to help. Katita went away for a time to contemplate what had happened and what was happening to her. She had become a Baroness thanks to King Gregory, but the Talamascan Council looked askance on the whole matter and it didn't help her case that one of the Seven Innocents decided to tag along. There were a lot of witches that did not like the possibility of going to war and a lot of them that did, and she had to prove herself to both sides, somehow. There was the matter of Queen Gitanne, who did not like her very much (especially after the little tryst with Roarke in the maze). Natalie's eventual death was also something to contend with as well. Once that happened she would be in control of Talamascan Barony, a job that she did not want then (and still does not want now). But that is her destiny and that is the price of power, she has to stay to do the job simply due to the fact that there is no one else who can.

Recently she has come out of her sabbatical and back into the fold. Those that are close to her and call her friend have noticed a few subtle changes. She does not seem quite as wild as she once was, these days. Oh it is still there of course, Katita cannot help but be the fire child that she is... but she is tempered now, a bit more focused. Katita has not had a chance to explore what changes the activation of the key has made where her hand of power is concerned; she is content to weave her chaos magics and pay a private homage to Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos, who is actually Seth in disguise.

She has her martial skills, plus her whipping chain had been blessed by the gods to break only if she wills it. Her potential is untapped and untested, but it is deep. All she knows is that her people will need her to guide them through all of this somehow, in some manner. All she can do is her best.

She hopes that it is enough.

See also Natalie, Olesia and The Keys

Katita's whipping belt.