ALIASES: Marcus Kane ('grandfather'), Simon Kane ('father'), Lucas Kane (current alter ego)

TITLE: Chief Communications Officer of Illuminati Corp.

RACE: Witch

QUOTE:"Control the media, control the mind"

Necromancy (Spirit) and Black Magic

MERITS: Leadership (Kain is a boardmember of the Illuminati Corp. as well as founder and owner of his own company) Linguistics (Over the centuries he has picked up more than 15 languages of which some are now considered dead and/or forgotten), Jack of All Trades (You do not live countless lives without picking up some knowledge about pretty much everything), Occult (Exstremely knowledgeable in the field of occultism and demonology), and Calm Heart (Working with the dead requires more than just a strong will)

FLAWS: Driving Goal (What drives Kain is nothing else than godhood. Less won't cut it), Hatred (He has developed a 'passive hatred' towards Rasputin after his recent discovery of his real heritage), Addiction (As with all embraced Feranti, he has an addiction to chimera-blood), Haunted (Memories and emotions from a past life he has never experienced haunts him in his sleep or even while he is awake)


PERSONALITY: Kain is a very charismatic and likeable young man with a charming smile and an easy-going nature. As the Chief communications officer of the Illuminati Corp., he is their public face and the man with all the business connections. Despite his open affiliation with the Feranti through his work, most Talamasca still sees him as one of their own. He is known to invest in charity and frequently socialize with the Talamasca on several occasions, even acquiring the reputation as something of a playboy. Little do they know that Kain is actually a ruthless powerplayer that even make the usually calm Dante uneasy at best. Like his father, Kain is an extremely creative individual, capable of devising cunning and insidious ways of completing his objectives without creating a commotion. He is blessed with the gift of vision - the ability to see unique solutions to the unconventional. Kain enjoys using his magics and his wits to influence the world in all kinds of ways, but even with the tremendous power he wields, he feels it is not enough. To him the next natural step is none less than godhood itself and he would do anything to gain this power, even if it means destroying the Power That Be in the process.

HISTORY: Kain is the result of a short and violent affair between an unknown woman and the powerful sorcerer who later would be known as Rasputin. Apparently ashamed and filled with despair, his mother left him to die in the cold snow, only to be found by an old woman who brought him to an old couple who had never had the fortune of being blessed with a child. As the years went by, Kain grew in body and spirit as his foster parents taught him the way of life. Just before his 15th summer, first his father, then his mother passed away, leaving him all alone in a dangerous, but marvelous and ever changing world. Always wanted to explore his surroundings, the young Kain soon saw the opportunity to do so as he was accepted into a traveling circus, touring from town to town, performing show after show for the joy of others. Life was good to the boy, but tragedy seemed to follow him wherever he went. One night the circus caravan was attacked by a group of savage werewolves that slaughtered every single one of his adopted family... except Kain himself. The Talamascan bastard-prince was more than just a regular mortal boy. He was the son of the most powerful sorcerer on Earth and had inherited his real father's strong affinity to the magical world. Filled with rage, he killed the alpha-male who tried to rip him apart. The large werewolf fell lifeless to the ground, sending the rest of the pack fleeing from this unholy child.

Without a teacher, Kain developed his magical talents unsupervised and uncontrolled, diving more and more into the forbidden territory. He was extremely gifted and was already quite an adept sorcerer before he was found by a group of Talamasca witches who had felt a subtle, but strong disturbance in the natural balance. Scarred for his eternal life, Kain never truly felt at home with the Talamasca, but understood that he had been blessed with their blood and thus kept up the appearance that he was happy and cheerful. In the Talamasca clan, he acquired the necessary education to pursue his only real passion; magic. Over the centuries he has acquired a vast amount of knowledge of all kinds of magics, from relative harmless rune magic to the destructive powers of the darker arts. As a wielder of the power of spirits, he realized early on that it had potential to be much more than the Talamasca understood. He could make the dead rise from their graves and even trap their spirits if it fit him, and somehow he liked it.

In the early 1920s he founded several smaller businesses that later would become the Kane Industries, the foundation of his wealth later on. Using his real firstname as his surname, he uprightheld the impression that the family-company was run by several generations in succession. In the beginning of the second world war, Kain's necromantic abilities was somehow discovered by the Feranti. Though he had known of their existence in the Talamasca society long before anyone else did, he had paid little interest in their petty intrigues. He was confronted by a person he had only read about in forbidden books and probably even seen once or twice over the last two-three millennia. The man was none less than Rasputin himself, now newly reborn and just a young teenager at that time, though his real age shined from his emerald green eyes. The sorcerer had accidently noticed something unusual in and around Kain and found out he was much more than he appeared to be, but could not say exactly what. Not really interested in the beginning, Rasputin later convinced the younger Talamasca to join the secret brotherhood that would later evolve into clan Feranti.

Not long after the war ended, Dante rose to power and replaced Rasputin as the chief in command. With him he brought new ideas that resulted in the foundation of the Illuminati Corperation. As one of the founders and major stockholders, Kain quickly rose in the ranks within the company and soon also gained a major influence in the clan. With his ability to manipulate the media and the business world, he was given the position as CCO by Dante, something that the prince would regret later on. Kain was one of the privileged few that was there the night Marius had to give up his life to empower Dante with true immortality and power. Originally it had been Gitanne who had been handpicked by him, Rasputin and Dante to be the very first to be diablerized, but Marius had somehow found out and had rushed to her rescue... only to replace her in the ritual.

As Bethany rose to the position of Marketing Manager, he knew that a new power player had surfaced. From the beginning there was this lament tension between her and Dante, and Kain realized that a confrontation between the two was unavoidable and just a matter of time. Not one who wanted to sit on the throne, he had until now used Dante as his puppet, but the stubborn child was incompetent and convinced that only he knew best.

Present: With Francesco stealing the Diablo-clan's shadowy business-partners, Kain has used his influence among the Feranti and other Chimaera to directly or indirectly support Bethany's take-over of the clan and company. With his connections he is going to do everything possible to make Bethany's rise to power go as smoothly as possible. Now he hopes she would become a better puppet than the spoiled prince was and perhaps even be the instrument to his ascension to godhood.  In recent events, he had noticed an increase in magical fluctuations in New York and believes that this might be the chance he has waited for to fulfill his ultimate goal of ascension. He only needs the keys to surface so that he can tap the power of whatever is hidden behind the sealed gate. By pure accident, Kain has via DNA-samples found out that Rasputin is actually his real father and that he harbors a passive hatred for the man who had left him and his mother.