PLAYED BY: Sabrina

TITLE: Queen of the Talamasca, Lady of the Waters

RACE: Witch

HANDS OF POWER: Water and Spirit

MERITS: Calm Heart, Embodiment of motherhood (Hard not to be fond and confide in her), Occult Knowledge, Occult Library (small tomes in various places across the globe - one large tome in Belarus), Ritual Knowledge, Leadership, Herbalism.

FLAWS: Loyalty (will do anything to protect her family/clan), Touchy (Needs physical contact), Shaman/Medium, Weak Sense (in the past five years of this incarnation, her hearing has started to falter slightly)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Julia is a beautiful woman of 5'4 with thick, slightly unusual reddish hair that surrounds a round face that is dominated by caring jade green eyes. Most often, her hair is seen pulled back into a variety of silver or gold combs that allow more of her lovely features to shine through. Julia has a toned form, from her long, slender neck down to her breast, hips and legs. She moves with an unconscious grace and poise that displays confidence and elegance.

While Julia is required to wear formal dress for functions and the duties that the position of Queen demands, she prefers to be more casual whenever she can manage it. She has often been seen walking the corridors and gardens in simple jeans and a pull over, or on special events, sky clad. She definitely prefers casual over formal, even though she is rarely seen without some adornment for style.

CHARACTERISTICS: Julia is the embodiment of calm and clear thought under most of the trying times, eluding an air of confidence and power held under strict control. Tempering that calm is a compassion that often leaves those in her presence with a feeling of security and understanding that only a mother could have toward their child. Polite and courteous, she conveys a sense of peace both within and without herself. All of the Talamasca feel her mothers touch and know that they can turn to her at any time without fear, and know that she considers each of them as family to her.

Although Julia's love and commitment to her husband is ledgendary, she is well known for her naughty sense of humor and enjoyment of harmless flirtations. Like her daughter, she has a well developed sense of humor and a wit that can cut deeply when needed. She takes great delight in entertaining others and her laughter is infectious. Like Natalie, Julia has a love of physyical contact and sex, but has never felt any desire for anyone other than Gregory, who has been  her perfect match for more than 1000 years. She has,however, a will of iron and a protective streak for her family that would make an enraged mother bear seem like a candle in a hurricane. Although she considers all Talamasca to be her adopted children, her attachment to her immediate family has a bond that could only be forged by countless lifetimes and leaves no act beyond her in her deepest needs to care for those in her heart. She would do whatever was needed, without hesitation or fear of cost to protect them. While she is closest to her daughter, Julia has a blind spot when it comes to her son,in spite of the rumors, she has never been able to turn away from him. (A remark that Gregory would certainly comment upon)  All of the other Talamasca are held only slightly less than her family in her regard and concerns for their lives and health. She suffers tremendously as she struggles to find some way to save Natalie from the fate that threatens, leaving no avenue unexplored, no resource untapped, Natalie's death weights heavily on her mind and her search is turning more and more frantic.

Julia perfers to work from the wings, supporting her husband, the King from the edges rather than openly step into the political arena. She is still uncertain of the decision to make Katita a Baroness and aire to the council; she feels that the baroness may still be too young and rash to fill the position well at this time. Julia does, however, remember her own youth when she married Gregory and how much she was like the young Baroness, which leans her toward favoring the decision if Katita can learn the lessons quickly enough. She has assumed a wait and see posture, although she has only been back in New York a few days and been more concerned with the fate of her daughter, she knows that the family will need strong leadership while  Natalie's parents deal with the aftermath. Julia has just become aware of her daughter's love for John, concerned deeply by the events since she had departed. She wants natalie to be happy and to have the sort of deep love that she and Gregory have, but is uncertain if John's reputation and current change of heart is real or contrived. She hopes for a real change and has faith that she has raised Natalie to make the best decision for herself. Her stance is accepting but distant for the moment, again she is reminded of her own youth and the feelings that true love felt like and the undeniable draw of the hearts true love.

HISTORY: The Past - Born in the on the eve of the year 900 in what would be Belarus now, Yulia was born into her first life. She was raised in a small, secluded family estate of witches and warlocks until Yulia was betrothed to a handsome man she came to love through her many lives - Gregory. Gregory had already been a designated leader of the Talamasca and she joined him in matrimony to become his queen.

She spent her next few lives in the south of France when she took upon the more western European name of "Julia." She moved with Gregory to the south of Ireland where she had Natalie, who would become the Heiress of the Talamasca clan. It wasn't till her next reincarnation that she had what would be her black sheep of the family - Dante. It's not to say she did not love Dante, but she was always very concerned for his well-being. It was the only reason she conceded to Gregory to let Dante be taken under the wing of Rasputin.

Through most of her years, Julia had always worked far more behind the scenes than her husband, whom was more working with the leaders of other clans. She is, to say, the advisor to her husband and came to be fascinated in her search for knowledge. She has extensive tomes of arcane information in hidden places actually scattered across the globe, which gives her time to travel.

She's now in this incarnation and had been extremely worried about "The Door", which lead her actually away from New York City - leaving Natalie in charge more as she searched her books and tomes to figure what could happen. She is also slightly more concerned with her developing into a medium - visions becoming more prominent in this incarnation than before. One of her prophesies shook her to the core - the final death of Natalie, which caused her to bring her to their home. Julia now returns to New York to find a way to prevent the final death of her daughter and to hold together the Talamasca clan.

She's now in this incarnation and had been extremely worried about "The Door", which originally led her away from New York City - leaving Natalie more in charge as she traveled Europe and Asia in the hunt for answers to the keys. she is also slightly more concerned with her developing into a medium - visions becoming more prominent in this incarnation than before.

When one of her prophesies revealed the fate of her daughter, Natalie, Julia's research turned from the keys to the search for a way to thwart the vision that she had been given. With an increasingly frantic push, she has spent the last weeks seeking any means to save her child. She has returned to New York with a desperate mission to prevent her greatest fears, which has pulled Natalie back to her family home, she wants to keep the family together and continue to try to protect her husband and children at any cost.

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