RACE: Human/Witch

HANDS OF POWER: Spirit (Necromancy)

MERITS: Blood Magic, Ritual Knowledge, Binding Magic, Occult Knowledge, Demonology, Subterfuge

FLAWS: Addictions (cigarettes, alcoholic), Probationary Court Member, True Love (Natalie)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: John is from London. If you didn't already know that, all you have to do is wait for him to open up his mouth, and he'll bloody well tell you. John is about 35 years old. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a trench coat and a dark suit so often it has become his de-facto uniform. He chain-smokes English cigarettes, called "silk-cut", and loves single-malt scotch. He nearly always has a smirk on his face.

HISTORY: The Past - Witches and Warlocks are reborn into many lives. This is actually John's very first life. John Constantine comes from a very powerful, but a very dark magical heritage. One of John's direct descendants was Johanna Constantine, a young, power hungry witch. Her ambition drove her to bite off more than she could chew, and she ended up shouting at the moon through the bars of an insane asylum. John was destined to be a magus before he was born. While he was still a teenager, John was fooling with magic best left alone. He was involved with a very powerful incantation, which he thought he could control, but it ultimately backfired, and trapped an innocent young girl in the bowels of a hellish netherworld. John was asked to join the Feranti, and he agreed. However, at the last moment before the transformation, John had a change of heart and fled. Since this event, Dante and the Ferantis have been no friends of John, and Natalie remains unconvinced of his true intentions. John's stock-in-trade is binding powerful, and usually evil beings to do his bidding. To an outsider, John has a very flippant attitude about the dark paths that he walks, but that is a defense mechanism. John is an accomplished warlock who takes nothing for granted. His talent is large, and even the highest placed Council member would think twice before becoming his enemy. He has a very big mouth, and it gets him into quite a lot of sticky situations, someday it may be his undoing. John is automatically very suspicious of all Chimaera, but once he has made a friend he will defend that person or creature to the last.

John was drawn to New York by the growing magical energy emanating from behind "the door". He will help to fight it, if that sort of thing is needed, but he's really there out of curiosity. He wants to see what all the fuss is about. However fearsome it is, you can count on John to know the right spell at the right time and you can also count on him to give the leviathan the finger and call it a "bloody wanker".

The Present - In the past two months John has been to hell and back, made new friends and pissed off old enemies. Not too bad of a start I might say. He also did the unspeakable - he fell in love. John never thought he would fall in love, even the word still makes him feel a little ill, but he did and with a woman he'd been trying to avoid his entire life - Princess Natalie Talamasca. Not that she was a bad sort, but the aristocracy had always been a bit of a joke to him as is the White Council. But somehow he fell as hard and as fast as she did. It should have been bliss. Until he found out that she was destined to die. He should have had a quick tumble and leave it at that. Not his problem right? Don't get emotionally involved. But he did. And now he'll do anything to save her, including lying to her, and doing dark magic he swore he wouldn't use again. Oh and help Bethany Feranti. Ah, the things we do for love.

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