TITLE: Council Chair/Politician

RACE: Human/Immortal?

MERITS: Slowed Aging, Finance, Politics, Added strength and fortitude, Leadership, Ritual Magic and Bureaucracy

HISTORY: An enormously successful businessman (also known as richer than God), Jarrod is a highly respected figure in the world of high finance. Prince’s veneer of respectability hides a darker side though; he is also a powerful influence within the world of organized crime. However, for all his wealth, power and influence, he cannot possess that which he covets the most: Immortality and Ultimate Power. His obsession began in the late 1800’s when he found the fabled Gem of Quellar. A prize indeed for it gave its new wearer certain new abilities: like aging far slower than everyone else and increased strength and healing. But it wasn’t enough, he had gotten a taste and he wanted more. From that day forward Jarrod began his quest. ‘Experiments’ were conducted on willing and sometimes willing subjects, alliances were made and even his oldest daughter fell prey to his machinations darkly…he sacrificed her. Of course Jarrod hasn’t changed too much. He bought himself a Council chair, but do not think he is on mankind’s side. He’s on his side and would sell out his mortal allies in a second if it meant he could gain more power and his immortality. It is no surprise that he thinks the presence on the other side could be very useful to him.