PLAYED BY: atheistgunslinger@yahoo.com

ALSO KNOWN AS: Ithio or Rae

RACE: human/Immortal

HANDS OF POWER: Heightened strength, senses and reflexes (5.5 times greater than a normal human)

MERITS: Martial Arts (hard: (Capoiera, T’ai Chi, Savate), Martial Arts (weapon: sword/knife), Charmed Life (She has a heightened danger sense, which lowers the chance of her being surprised)

FLAWS: Amnesia (She remembers nothing past the day she woke up in the park, other than a gunshot noise), Notorious (A great many people have heard of Ithio, and many more are still afraid without knowing why.)

PERSONALITY: Age: 23, Rachael is very dark and sardonic. She is a slight paranoid, resulting in her not trusting anyone fully until they have given reason to be trusted. However, Rachael will be nice to those who try to make friends with her, because she realizes that some social interaction is necessary to survival.  She will react with anger if visibly threatened, usually leading to violence, and will normally act before thinking. She dresses almost exclusively in black, all except for the scabbard of her sword, which is bright green, and the steel Roman cross necklace she wears. She carries her sword at all times, unless doing so would either be a direct threat to her well being (e.g. airport security, too many enemies with firearms, etc.), or entirely impractical, in which case her other bladed weapons (glass knives) serve her extremely well. She seems to think that her current mental state was caused by vampires or other such creatures, and will hunt them down with everything at her disposal.

HISTORY: Rachael was seventeen when she was shot in the back of the head and left to die in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Her only possessions upon awakening were her sword, “Fear”; her driver’s license; and a duffel bag filled to bursting with hundred-dollar bills. Shortly after discovering this, she had the feeling she was being watched or observed, and ran as far away as she could. This course of action led her to a gilded out-of-commission subway train in the back of the Pacific-Electric tunnel, where she lived for four years, training and educating herself for ten hours a day. A passage led up to the surface so she could get supplies to continue surviving. After that, she realized that she needed human interaction to keep herself in relative sanity, and spent the past two years living in an apartment and trying to maintain the appearance of someone normal, despite her discovery that her strength and senses were beyond that of normal human beings. Because of her abilities and her grudge against vampires, she has been working in her home base of Los Angeles, but became a bit too famous and relocated to New York.