TITLE: Seelie Doctor


HANDS OF POWER: Empathy, Innate Power of Glamour

MERITS: Calm Heart (she can keep her head in most situations that would have even the most experienced doctors worried), Greymayre (she keeps up with the court so that she isn't out of the loop entirely, which would be dangerous and possibly fatal for someone in her position), Medicine (She knows both modern and esoteric, and is capable of using both to their full extent.)

FLAWS: Amnesia (Everything before she woke up in the hotel room twenty years ago is a total blank, except for her morals and medical knowledge), Haunted (she desperately needs to know what happened that she ended up the way she did, and will do anything necessary to get that information)

CHARACTERISTICS: Age: 210 (apparent: 27), High Court Fey, Birth place Unknown. Iris is very outgoing and optimistic, rarely dwelling on the negative side of things, and doing whatever she can, fighting if necessary, to make sure life is enjoyable, both for herself and those around her. She is reluctant to cause harm to anyone, regardless of who they are and what they try to do.

HISTORY: Iris was born at a rare time, when things weren't as complicated, to to incredibly progressive parents who believed in respecting all things. She was taught to always give aid to those who need it, to enjoy life, and to respect and aid others' enjoyment. To help with her education, her parents taught her everything she needed to know about medicine, something she had an incredible interest in after it was explained to her. Unfortunately for her, this is all she can remember of her past. The rest of it was erased by something she has no memory of, ending with her lying in a hotel bathtub full of ice with a needle mark on her arm and the word "Unfound" scrawled on her chest in what looked like blood. Since then, she has gone to medical school, and become one of the most respected medical practitioners in New York, working at a hospital and offering her services to any who would have them. She is still troubled by the past, as well as the memories of those she has been unsuccessful in saving, but tries to concentrate on the present and the many wonderful things in it.