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TITLE: Prince Ian Leafglow (son of High King Roarke and Lady Laurana of the Seelie Court), Heir to the Unseelie Throne

RACE: Fey/Full Blooded Sidhe

HANDS OF POWER: Inanimatia

MERITS: Filmmaking, Computers (hacking), Larceny, Enchanting Voice

FLAWS: Wings Ambition, Probationary Court Member

FAVORITES: Theme Song: Oh, me by Nirvana, Favorite Movies: Casablanca, A Clockwork Orange, Brazil and Drugstore Cowboy. Favorite books: Finnegan's Wake, The Dead by James Joyce. Anything by Dylan Thomas or Edgar Allen Poe; his bible of sorts,  The Anarchist Cookbook. Favorite color: Sunrise Orange, especially after a long night of partying. Favorite hair style, Afro Favorite Celebs, Andy Warhol, Lenny Bruce, Sammy Davis Jr.  Pet peeves and annoyances- Money and the things he has to steal because  of his lack of it. Drug dealers who only sell dime bags or to children. Being the butt of a laugh when the joke was on him.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: At first glance, Ian gives off the impression of a tainted trickster fairy. His ocean baby blue eyes hold a seemingly immortal twinkle of mischief, which is on occasion dulled by his 150 years of life experience. Standing at 5'11, with large angelic wings tipped with shimmering gold dust that span for eight feet. Ian has a lean well muscled body. His hair resembles curly shreds of golden hay, sweeping away from him in an afro-like fashion. His strong facial  features contrast against his eyes to give him a militant charm. Ian has a quick wit and walks with an upstart’s assured swagger into any situation, able to take any scene with a smile. Some may feel put off and overwhelmed by his charm and exuberance. Then again they were never worth his time in the first  place. He prefers to ware bold colored loose fitting silk shirts to draw the eye up his torso and muted dark colored pants. When at all possible he goes bare foot, preferring the feel of earth under his feet instead of rubber soled shoes. When unavoidable he wears black high top sneakers meticulously shined with dark electric blue shoestrings.

CHARACTERISTICS: Ian is the out of touch rebel of the Seelie court just looking for a cause. He has an artist soul and a heart filled with poetic fanatical dreams. In a crowd Ian’s outgoing personality demands attention. He is an avid freedom fighter and outspoken supporter of the oppressed down trodden voiceless masses His core belief and credo is: “Share the wealth or die in ill heath.” He is opened minded to other cultures and views of the world thanks to his travels of it.

HISTORY: The Past - Ian is a child, by Feyen standards; he is only 150 years old. He was fairly undisciplined for his first one hundred, spending a great deal of time in jail for various confidence games, robberies, hijackings, piracy, assaults, etc. He discovered a couple of talents while in prison. He educated himself to the level of most PhDs, learned how to use and abuse computers, and shot a riveting documentary on the abuses of power in his prison. It was smuggled out, was accepted at the Sundance film festival, and won a special prize. Subsequent pressure applied to his case by powerful celebrities prompted an early release for the young Fey.

Ian was the only child in an affluent branch of the Llewellyn family. Ian’s mother Laurana, whose name among the Alfar meant “of the laurels”. She was third in line for the throne. As third born, no one expected much of her in the court of her father, then known to the united Feyen nation as the King of Stars. Her feelings of isolation formed her secretive if erratic nature. She acted out for any attention, earning her a reputation at court as an exotic beauty and an eccentric witch. Ian was conceived in 1852 sounding the death knell of the Irish court revival. Ian’s father was heavily involved with the budding Irish resistance, and elected to stay in Eire. The two lovers wept as they parted on the seedy docks of Dublin. The separation was heart wrenching for his pregnant mother with Maeve’s watchful eye over her shoulder. Their passage across the Atlantic on the steamer Mary Agnes to the Americas was plagued by bad weather. The journey left her ill and unprepared for the rigors of child birth. Ian was born unannounced early one morning weak and winged on the eve of a gala ball thrown for Maeve’s return. Needless to say he stole the show and if you ask his mother, who still works behind the scenes to smooth out the ripples her son causes she’ll tell you he still does. When Ian was born his  mother doted on the weak limbed child, letting him get away with bloody murder. As a youth Ian was always trying to win his mothers approval, which led him mostly to steal attention away from Queen Maeve at the most inopportune times. At an early age, Ian’s spry hands could pick any lock leaving no secret unguarded. His mother’s high standing as an enchantress in the court of Queen Maeve afforded him mere slaps on the wrist from local law enforcement and a healthy rap sheet. Footnotes in his file read like a who’s who of the underbelly of crime.

Highlights and Lowlights:
1876 Convicted in stealing the Mayor’s car- receives 10 years, serves 7 1890 Convicted with no evidence in the stealing of five works of Leonardo de Vinci- receives 15 years, serves 12 Known associations with the Irish in Hells kitchen

1913 Ian was in the Harvard Inn a notorious five points dive when he nearly cut the head off the future king of Chicago, one Alphonse Capone with a straight razor, after he made an unflattering remark about his date.

1919 Made some much money on the World Series that New York’s finest kept an eye on him for the next ten years, but he was never convicted. Suspected in stock manipulations the Wall Street crash of 1929.

1930 Suspected bootlegger supplying undercut east cost booze to mid west throats. Wanted for questioning in at lest two bombings in Ireland’s war for independence. He is claimed by Shin Fein. One of the few pictures in his dossier shows him arm and arm with the mob’s book man, Myer Lansky. His file is still open and growing.

As the years rolled by, Ian just got more belligerent and militant. As the world went to war again, Ian was forced to leave for Eire or possibly go to jail for a very long time. He slipped into Ireland in 1938 under the name Seamus Sean O’Reiley. Always one to see where there was money to be made; he promptly joined the ranks of fresh faced Fey under the Union Jack. His half hearted attempts at military life had him AWOL six times. Much to the chagrin of his commanding officers Ian got a forged telegram from the front telling him that he got the coveted gravy train position of day guard for the Arc de Triumph. He spent his nights blissfully unaware while Hitler rolled across the Balkans and Poland. Ian spent his time cavorting with the Moulin Rouge cabaret girls.

Over time Ian was known as a regular amongst the Moulin Rouge crowd, and could often be found sitting in the same booth with the same high-society rebels. One girl in particular caught his interest within the seemingly safe confines of the Moulin Rouge... a dancer named Giselle. He found himself hiding away in her room many nights on end, often hoping to escape his guarding duties. The two fell in love, but it was a love soon to be discovered as the ultimate betrayal. One night behind locked doors, Giselle revealed to Ian her true form as a succubus working under the power of her demon master, disguising himself under the alias Joachim Von Ribbentrop. Before leaving him bound in enchanted steel chains to retrieve her master, she confessed their plot to strip Ian of his wings and leave him for dead. Hitler thought the powers within the Fey’s wings were one of the only missing links that could keep him from conquering the world. Ian miraculously escaped his would-be assassins, and was able to make contact with the French resistance. He made it to the English Channel, where he was able to take flight and  ride the coastal breezes to South London.

The entire harrowing episode of being kidnapped, and almost being deprived of his precious wings turned on a switch in Ian. Overnight, he became much more serious about his life and about ridding the world of tyranny. In 1940 tyranny was personified in the shape of Hitler and the SS. Ian was sought out by MI-5, who trained him in intelligence/counter intelligence, demolitions, and savate, the art of French foot fighting. He participated with note in several drops behind enemy lines. In one engagement in particular, with his entire team blown far off course, Ian landed on a six inch wide ledge and surprised a platoon guarding an important bridge. Ian killed everyone on the post and single-handedly took the bridge, and held it long enough for his errant comrades to strengthen his position.

June 5, 1944 Flies in behind the French forces in Normandy. He sabotaged vital communications that prevented the Nazis from bringing up reinforcements until it was too late.

September 10, 1945 Musters out of MI-5 with a commendation from Churchill himself, and the rank of Colonel.

Ian returned to Ireland upon his honorable discharge from MI-5. He was shocked and saddened to see that his homeland was in many ways worse off than the Nazis that he had just helped to conquer. Moreover, now that he was back in Ireland he found himself the enemy of men who until recently would have saluted him.

Christmas Day, 1946 Joins the Irish Republican Army. Given Ian’s military record and rank, he is put in charge of a battalion. Ian used his hand-picked regiment with remarkable success. His bombings in the next five years were amazing for a number of reasons: Although he was suspected, Ian never left authorities any clues, changing the type of explosive, triggers and timers every time. His bombings were never known to take an innocent life; he scouted the locations so totally that there was never any collateral damage. Finally, his bombings always seemed to do exactly what Ian wanted.

1952 Ian is promoted to a General of the IRA, and asked to go to America and solicit funds from wealthy Irish-Americans. He spent the bulk of the 1950’s in Chicago, meeting contacts at Mr. Kelly’s, Roberts Lounge, and Sylvio’s. Sitting in with their house bands and all the greats of the era was a novelty for a white Fey. It was during this time that Ian fell in love with that very particularly American music, and began learning the harmonica. As it became the soundtrack of his mind. He could be found on early Sunday mornings blowing his lungs out at Teresa’s, or walking down on Maxwell Street. Some say he sounded like a frightening freight train, demon driven, blowing his blues away.

1958 Ian is arrested by ATF agents for gun-running to Ireland. He was getting more and more daring with his shipments, and the Federal agents pounced on him. Ian’s previous record was put into evidence, as was his record as a war hero. Due to the longevity of Feys, he was given a 150 year sentence.

1966 Ian receives a small 8mm movie camera. He began shooting all of the time, and he read all of the books on the subject that he could land his hands on. He slowly distanced himself from his underworld past, and became the unofficial filmmaker of Chicago Chimaera Prison.

1970 Ian is almost killed in prison for his wings. A renegade dwarf and a wererat assaulted him in the laundry. With the help of another Fey, Ian managed to beat off the would-be assassins. It was clear they were contracted by someone, but Ian never found out whom.

1990 Ian manages to smuggle out a prison documentary. It was called “Savage Cool” and accepted to the Sundance Film Festival. Ian’s work as a director was called “The next Stanley Kubrick” and a call went out among the celebrities and their fans. A brief for clemency was pushed and Ian found himself paroled on March 27, 1994.

Ian has been very busy learning the movie business since his release from prison eight years ago. His biggest supporter has been one Carlo Giovanni, who was in the audience at Sundance with his wife when Ian’s work had first been shown, and Carlo was also instrumental at securing Ian’s early release from prison. Ian is a party guy, and can always be counted on to make a grand entrance and to infect a party with his good nature.

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