MERITS: Charmed Life, Stealth, Kenning, Firearms, Acrobatics and Filmmaking

FLAWS: Curiosity, Higher Purpose

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Hotspur was a very attractive 22 year old male. He was 5'11" and weighed about 170. That was before he was target number one for the Diablo clan. Thanks to his Feyan awakening and some very special circumstances, Hotspur changed his appearance and became the woman she is now. Though still hunted, most aren't looking for a petite blonde.

HISTORY: The Past - Hotspur came into the world on May 17, 1980. He was born of a Parisian stage actress named Jacqueline LeBeck and raised as her son. However, Hotspur was a changeling, an elvan child implanted in a human womb. His Feyan parents were Roarke's nephew Vosh and a Seine river nymph named Talia. Talia was murdered by the Satinamuh on her way home from the grocery store and the unborn child was transferred into the unsuspecting French actress by the heartbroken Vosh.

Hotspur’s human mother tragically overdosed on heroin just shy of the young boy’s fourth birthday. He was sent to New York to live with his uncle Max, a retired schoolteacher. Max raised the boy as best as he was able and Hotspur responded by becoming a tough, smart kid from Brooklyn. He lost his French accent almost immediately and quickly immersed himself in all things American. The boy especially loved movies and he would often would sit through two or three movies at one sitting. His grades in high school were good enough to win him a scholarship from Brooklyn College. He excelled in class and in 2001 he graduated with honors with a B.A. in Media Studies. In Fall 2001, he entered film school at prestigious NYU and he moved to Greenwich Village.

Several months ago he was approached by Nemesis and was trained by her to become a Satinamuh agent. She knew of his Feyan background, but she hoped he wouldn’t find out. However, when Roarke Bellemorte was injured at Club Muse, he was forced to awaken the power of the ley lines, which awakened Hotspur’s changeling aspects. Although Hotspur is no longer truly a Satinamuh agent, he considers Nemesis to be a friend and teacher and one of his closest allies.

Life has not been a bowl of cherries for Hotspur, however. During the Club Muse tragedy, Hotspur was framed for attempting to kill Dominic Diablo. In reality, the being known as the Lord of Sorrows actually did the shooting but Dominic remains unconvinced. Although Roarke has placed the youngster under his protection, Dominic still seeks the green elf’s head.

After the surprise appearance of the Chimaera temple, Hotspur discovered a “pocket kingdom” of dark fey in Central Park. Roarke has told Hotspur not to worry about the rustics, but the kid’s curiosity was far too overpowering. There was something about the large orc who referred to himself as the “King of Central Park”. There was also something about his huge black cup as well. Something magnetic, drawing more and more converts to the Fisher King. Might this be one of the fabled “keys”?

The Present: Coming Soon.

ALLIES: Roarke Bellemorte, Ian Leafglow, Carlo Giovanni, Max LeBeck, Katita Talamasca, Lorien Talamasca, Dalton Telesco, Nemesis

FOES: Dominic Diablo, Xian, Seth Powers, Raina Giovanni, The Lord of Sorrows, Danny O’Shea

See also Nemesis and Ian