TITLE: Council Chair, Voice for Humanity, World's Most Reputable Chimaera News Reporter

RACE: Human

MERITS: Athletics, Common Sense, Computer, Etiquette, Streetwise, Propaganda (reporter)

HISTORY: Thomas Aaron Gunn grew up in a suburb of San Tobal, California. His father was a science teacher at the local high school while his mother stayed at home and raised his two sisters and little brother. Thomas was an intelligent child, with more than his share of curiosity. He loved to read and write and ask all too many questions.

As he grew up, the shy, slender youth disappeared, replaced by an energetic, outgoing risk taker. He is handsome and charismatic, helpful traits when trying to get a good story. When the Chimaera dignitaries began to mysteriously show up in NYC, his home for the past ten years, the 34 year old reporter knew the story of the decade, perhaps century had just fallen into his lap.

For years he had been the city’s, let alone the country’s, de facto Chimaera reporter. He had an in after all, his fiancée a dryad named Thalia. And the Chimaera didn’t seem to mind his probing and prying at first. When they killed Thalia five years ago, he started to put some distance between him and ‘them’. But not all Chimaera are a bad lot, just the ones that killed his would be wife and well the ‘bad’ ones.

Thomas had a brief stint in the military, but it didn’t last more than 5 years because of his incessant need to ask too many questions. But that brief career gave him enough skills to survive or try to survive a fight with one of the Chimaera. He was appointed to a Council Chair two months before Thalia died and has since become the honorary spokesman for mankind. A position he abhors and has been trying to throw onto someone else. It has failed to work so far.

He is close friends to Lucien and Doyle and most of the Giovanni clan as well as to Natalie Talamasca who he is dying to have a fling with.

See also Natalie and Alex