TITLE: Adopted Daughter of Nicholas and Marie, Seth's Lover

RACE: Kindred

HANDS OF POWER: Tranquility

MERITS: Mysterious Guardian, Beauty, and Calm heart

FLAWS: Amnesia, Innocence, Ghost Sight

HISTORY: The Past - Grace has a great deal of history, however no one seems to be able to remember what it is exactly. You can see it in her eyes which remain innocent yet shine with a certain intensity that can only be granted with age.

She is the adopted daughter of Nicholas and Marie, taken in over 100 years ago after the Giovanni rulers found her alone and without her memory. Since that time only a few flickering hints of memories have returned to her. She holds on to these fleeting feelings and impressions of memories as if they were the most important things in the world, but Grace has been unable to unlock their secrets. Where she comes from, how old she is, no one knows.

Grace is in many ways a true innocent, she tends to think the best of others and can often be caught looking at the world wide eyed in awe of its beauty but there is more to her. While Grace is often naive, she is far from dumb. While she remembers nothing of who she was she knows a great deal of things that she should have no way of logically knowing. Often Grace is able to come up with facts about places and events despite having no actual memory of ever being there.

Grace has long softly waving blonde hair and big luminous eyes in a delicate face. Everything about her is dainty, feminine as if she were a pale, finely made doll. She is rather attractive and receives a certain amount of male attention, but she is not interested in an of them. If Grace knows that only one thing is true it is that she loves Seth. She may not know of his true identity, she may go for very long periods of time without seeing him, but all the same she loves him.

Grace is rather unusual for one of her clan because she rarely feeds. Despite being a creature of the night she embodies a sweetness and kindness rarely captured by any race. She embraces humanity not unlike Marie and is well known because of it. Grace also has a certain connection with shapeshifters and has a fair number of friends in their ranks. As Grace is also the paramour of Seth, she is well protected. He would do anything to protect the woman he loves and those she cares for as well.

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