PLAYED BY: Nerissa

TITLE: Queen of the Chimaera and Head of the Council, Mistress of the Beasts, Queen of the Noblesse Clan, Leanansidhe (by both Feyan Courts)

RACE: Half Human/Half Fey before being Embraced by Marius

HANDS OF POWER: Flesh and Tempests

MERITS: Seduction, Charisma, Jack of all Trades, Weapon (Swords), Hedge Magic, Animalism, Leadership, Occult

FLAWS: Rarefied Tastes (When it comes to her taste in blood there is only one kind that will truly satisfy her palate: Artists. She will drink nothing else, even if starving. ), Nightmares (the waking, stays with you even after you awake, makes you scream sort), Tormented, Twisted Upbringing

AGE: 500 years

PARENTS: Lady Caerais (Emissary to the Unseelie Court and Lady in Waiting to Queen Maeve - deceased), Daffyd the Blacksmith (Mortal father - deceased), Marius Noblesse (Embraced her when she was 34 years of age - deceased)

SIBLINGS OF NOTE: Medea, Antigone, Alexander, Darius, Cillian (Feyan Half Brother) Seamus (mortal brother - deceased)

CHILDREN OF NOTE: Diana (half-human, believed to be deceased), Asher, Ava, Gabriella (Prince of London), Julian (Prince of Los Angeles) and Takeshi (Prince of Tokyo), Valeria (deceased), Grayson

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'10 with long black hair, lithe build, startling blue eyes with flecks of gold (glow blue when her Beast is in control - think Dune and echo the storm when using her hands of power Notable Markings: Tattoo of a crescent moon on the inside of her left wrist signifying her mother and her Feyan heritage, A phoenix tattoo on the inside of her right wrist, Deep scars throughout her back, hidden by her hand of Flesh, the Lord of Sorrows seal on her left hip, also hidden by her hand of Flesh and a hand shaped scar above her heart from a duel with Roarke Bellemorte.

Even though Gitanne is already gorgeous to look at, she uses the power of flesh to magnify it even further. She is the ultimate seductress, attractive to men and women. Where a film star can turn "it" on and off at will, for her it's primarily "on" all the time, making her everybody's particular dream. She possesses the perfect pheromone cocktail, except it works on camera as well as it does in person. Gia’s beauty can also be a weakness for first reactions are either that of awe, intense jealousy, obsession or complete solicitude which can prove to be a problem at times. It is no secret that Gitanne’s bed is a coveted position. And some may achieve it, but few if any will ever have her heart. She has been hurt too many times. Most often she uses men and spits them back out as they once did her. Few last longer than a few weeks. Many have lost their hearts, including Roarke Bellemorte and Doyle Andrews, her wolf and her off again, off again lover.

HISTORY: The Past - She was born almost five hundred years ago in ancient Britain to a superstitious Welshman, who still paid homage to the Old Gods and the Fey, and Lady Caerais, High Court Seelie noble, Unseelie Emissary and Lady in Waiting to Queen Maeve, who loved him hopelessly. Though her parents loved her deeply, others did not. She was a half breed – not pure enough Fey to be accepted in her mother's Court and too otherworldly to be accepted by her father’s people. Of course her parents tried to teach her, love her, and protect her as well as they could and for a time Gia knew happiness.  When Gitanne was six years old Queen Maeve moved the Seelie Court back to Ireland and with it Lady Caerais.  It broke Caerais's heart to be separated from the man she loved and the daughter she bore, but she had little choice.  Over the next few years Gia's mother visited when she was able and even introduced her daughter to both of the Feyan Courts.  But as Gitanne grew, the visits became fewer.

Gitanne began to change as well. Her unnatural beauty grew.  The townspeople also noticed other things: the way a cool breeze would arrive when the child grew hot, when her skin burned clouds would appear to shade her and when she was parched a light rain would quench her thirst.  The winds danced for her. The rain made music for her and lightening made art for her in the night skies.  And though crops flourished, the townspeople feared her.  What would happen when the child grew angry?  There were other things as well like her kinship to the Beasts of the Earth.  Like the tempests, people found it harmless and were more curious and in awe of the pretty little girl than anything else. But when the animals seemed to obey her or she was found with a pack of wolves, curiosity turned to fear. It grew even further when rumors amounted that she bewitched people into doing things for her. Afraid for her life her father sent her away to France to stay with his sister and her husband. To protect her he told her that her gifts were unnatural...that they were evil and to never use them again. Tearfully she obeyed and left her homeland.

Gia loved both her Aunt Catherine and Uncle Nicholas.  They lived deep in the forest, away from others who would think her evil, free to be herself.  Aunt Catherine was a wise woman, healing others with her herbs and skills.  Gitanne became her apprentice and Catherine had faith that someday Gia would become a great healer herself, becoming a true daughter of Mother Earth. The three lived happily for a time, no one bothering to find out more about the child living with the couple. Gia, however, could not remain a secret forever. She was now fourteen years old, a young woman and her beauty radiated even from beneath the simple clothes and locks of black hair that hid her face.

An ambitious nobleman came to the cottage disguised as a simple countryman to find a cure for his ailments. Instead of finding Catherine, who was away helping a neighbor have her child, he found Gitanne. Gerard befriended the innocent beauty, bewitching her with tales of far away lands and elegant Courts.  When he had gained her trust he invited her to the King’s court where a magnificent masquerade ball was to be held. She had no reason to question Gerard’s motives and longed to see more of the fantastic world he had told her so many stories about.  And despite her aunt and uncle’s misgivings accompanied her friend to Court. But Gerard had different plans for the innocent beauty for he had planned all along to use Gia to rise into the higher circles. After the ball had ended he offered Gia, who had been the highlight of the evening, as a sacrificial lamb. The happiest night of her young life became the worst night of her life as she became the plaything of the noblemen who called themselves Le Circle. Robbed of her freedom, identity, dignity and innocence, Gitanne became a prisoner and the pawn for Gerard. For two years she endured being passed from one man to another as Gerard rose in power. When she was sixteen, Gerard ‘graciously’ gave her to the ‘Lord of Sorrows’, a malignant masochist dignitary from Italy in return for an advisor position to his King.

With his Lordship, her life with Le Circle had been heaven for Sorrows used her and mistreated her in ways she never thought possible. All she wanted to do was die. After the birth of her daughter a year later, Gitanne thought she could endure it all for little Diana was her life and the one thing that kept her alive. And the Lord of Sorrows had for some reason left her alone. However, his Lordship would show her just how cruel he could be when he took her child away from her when Diana was little more than two. Gitanne was destroyed. He had won again. Her spirit broken, she truly became his for two more years. But then two servants who had befriended her just after Diana’s birth offered her a way to escape. With Mateo and Anthony to help her, a battered and broken Gitanne fled to Greece where she found solace with the man who would one day become her sire, Marius Noblesse. With his help, Gitanne regained her strength, mended the wounds, soothed the spirit and hardened her heart with the driving quest for revenge.

Marius not only recognized this driving force, but the Feyan blood inside her as well that had been dormant for so long. He educated her in all things, reading, writing, languages, etiquette, etc. And when she was ready…to fight and to kill. He nurtured her until she had become a deadly assassin and then he unleashed her as the Belladonna, the most sought after courtesan in all of Europe. In their time together Marius had also made Gia his ghoul, for he knew that she needed the added strength and gifts if the Lord of Sorrows was who he thought he was. Gitanne never did kill the Lord of Sorrows though try as she might, but she did seduce and destroy Gerard, the members of Le Circle, and others like them as Belladonna, a name that sometimes persists even now. That accomplished Gia found some peace at last and with Marius’s help forgot the Lord of Sorrows and what he had done to her. Marius embraced her when she was 28 years old and he continued to cultivate her into the perfect weapon, the perfect Queen of his noble family even though he knew she loved him not.

She became a very powerful businesswoman and remains to be one of the greatest women of the world. She founded and runs Belladonna Industries, one of the biggest entertainment industries in the Americas. But besides the entertainment industry, she and the Noblesse family own and control a variety of different businesses in many different arenas, some even political. Seven years ago Marius was killed by mysterious means. Gia was there the night he died, but only she can tell you how he was killed and who did it. Some say she is the murderess as she wanted his Council Chair and to rule his clan, while others insist that Marius had many enemies and it was only a matter of time. She did however fight for the position as Queen of the Council beating the likes of Sebastian, Roarke and others. But her new position is not strong yet. She and her family have enemies and there are many that wish to take advantage of the new Queen to steal her throne. She still must prove so much to the Chimaera and the World. She wishes she did not have to use force to earn their respect or their fear. But she will always be a half breed, having both Feyan blood and Kindred and the powers and limitations of each. The press adores her and not only because she owns half the entertainment industry.

The Present - Gitanne has endured many things, but nothing could prepare her for what began a few months ago.  It began with the temple erupting in Central Park and it ended with her grandsire, Darian Noblesse staging a coup and robbing the throne from her. Now a trial looms ahead and the appearance of a dead lover and the truth from the only man she'd ever love weighs heavy on her heart.  She is undecided on whether the presence trying to break through the veil is good or not, though each 'side' has been trying to win her over as she is the closest to having the power to prevent it or achieve it.

See also Roarke Bellemorte, Doyle Andrews, Marius, Keys, and Council