TITLE: Captain of the Guard, King of the Slaugh/Wild Hunt/Host, Jack Frost


HANDS OF POWER: Cold Fire and Necromancy

MERITS: Archery, Awareness, Blind Fighting, Gremayre, Leadership and Politics, Martial Arts (weapons), Kenning

FLAWS: Dark Secret, Ghost Sight, Loyalty, Notoriety

HISTORY: In the time before history, gods once walked among men. Frost is a throwback to these times, when the fey used their Glamour and powers to work miracles for humans and were worshipped as spirits and gods incarnate. He is the original Jack Frost, the original Old Man Winter- cold, snow, ice, and darkness personified. He was there when the pagan Slavs experienced their first harsh winter on the Russian steppes, there when the Vikings were breaking icicles and rime off their ships on the North Sea. At first he simply inflicted his particular powers on these newcomers, these humans, then he made himself a god.

During the sidhe's first steps on this world, Frost fought by Roarke's side when others couldn't or wouldn't. Frost's power allowed him to bring the fury of winter down on his enemies, destroying firbolg and orc alike with creeping cold and punishing freezes. He called on the spirit world during the fey war against the monsters, called the ghosts of allies and enemies alike to hunt by his side. His necromantic skills created the Wild Hunt, the fearful and awesome spirits of the dead harnessed to his will.

Frost has always been Roarke's strong right hand, among the first to come from Sidhe and always one of the most loyal and willing to place himself in harm's way to stand by the High King's side. Though they have walked different paths at times, Frost has always returned to Roarke. In spite of his penchant for mind games and manipulation, Frost's loyalty to the High King is unwavering, undoubtable, a rock that can always be depended on.

Frost has always been content to be Roarke's second, the whisperer in the dark, the schemer and conniver, plotter and planner. He has no interest in being High King himself. His nature lends itself better to being in the background than sitting on a throne. He is a long range planner, a cold, meticulous plotter. Quiet and reserved, and the wise listen when he speaks. He has plans that extend centuries into the future and wind millenia into the past. His modus operandi is plans within plans within plans, fronts hidden by screens obscured by trickery. The King of the Sluagh couldn't be any other way.

He is the cold reason to balance Roarke's passion. Leader of the Wild Hunt, he is fluent in all forms of sword play, expert with spear and lance, and perhaps the ultimate marksman of the world with a bow. As Captain of the Guard, he is responsible for the security of of the Unseelie Court. Ages ago, his was the leading blade lifted in battle, swift and deadly as he dispatched the foes of the Court. His was the quiet voice that whispered to Roarke about the wisdom of fading into myth, the measured tones which all of the Guard obey. Now, he stands at the King's side, watching and waiting, subtly weaving his own plans. What those plans may be, even Roarke cannot say for certain, though the two have been friends for a time beyond mortal reckoning. His skills in manipulating others are almost unsurpassed, and while his King works slowly on the Noblesse, Frost whispers in the ears of others of the Chimaera, seeking to establish a network of shadowy alliances which would come into play should the power balance shift within the city and things start falling apart. He realizes that if whatever lies on the other side of the door _does_ break through despite all their best efforts, then one should have a contingency plan. For Frost, the future is just something to arrange. Plans within plans, circles within circles.

See also Roarke, Kara, and Asher