PLAYED BY: Garrett

RACE: Wererat

HANDS OF POWER: Animalism and Obfuscate

MERITS: [Stealth] Being a rat, Fred is naturally inclined to being sneaky. [Streetwise] It's amazing how quickly you learn how the city works after spending most of your life on (or more precisely, "under") the streets. [Subterfuge] Fred has always been good at lying. Sometimes the truth just never sounds right to the rat, especially if it works against him. Sometimes, due to his absent-minded nature, Fred will believe some of his own lies.

FLAWS: Absent Minded] Fred suffers from a bad case of ADD, causing his mind to wander quite often. He also tends to forget things relatively easy, or commonly mixes up facts in his head. [Curiosity] He can't help it, he has to look.

CHARACTERISTICS: Fred, by nature, isn't someone you would normally see above ground, usually preferring to move around the city under the streets rather than on them. However, if you were to spot him, you'd be looking at a ragged young man of small stature with messy black hair and an almost frantic, distracted look about him. He looks to be in his early twenties, but if you were to ask him, he would be at a loss to remember his exact age.

HISTORY: The Past - As far as his lycanthropy goes, he maintains that he was bitten by a rat as a boy while he reached into a storm gutter to get a marble. However, the fact that he is able to shapeshift at will, and isn't forced to shift on a full moon, would suggest that he's a natural born shifter. However, Fred can't remember a thing about his parents, or at least that's what he says. The only meaningful relationship in his life is that of Old Man McArthur, the owner of a smokeshop in lower Manhatten. The old man allows the young rat to make his home in one of the spare rooms above the smokeshop. Of course, Fred can't remember how that arrangement came to be, and he never questions why Mr. McArthur lets him stay.

The only thing that is for sure about Fred is that he's lived in New York his whole life. Even he would agree with that statement. A rare few in the clan can remember back to when they first met the young rat, and how they attempted to find some use for the sneaky youngster. As he told them stories of moving through the sewers daily, avoiding detection and certain death at the hand of the Satinamuh, the other rats realized the potential of the newcomer. However, they could rarely tell if he was telling the truth or just spinning tales. Plus, the poor boy could hardly keep simple instructions straight in his head, so he was deemed rather useless.

So, life went on, with Fred spending all of his time traversing the city, both above and below, learning all of the Big Apple's little short cuts and hiding spots. Of course if one were to inquire about such nooks and crannies, it would be doubtful that the rat would be able to remember them, let alone tell you how to get there. A wealth of knowledge lies inside the young shifter's mind, locked away only to be used when it serves him.

Fred is fairly well known among the more verminous of the shifter population, as he has made a name for himself by following his ears and nose into dangerous situations and usually escaping only by the skin of his teeth. As the city begins to rumble and more danger seems to flood up into the world, it won't be long until the young rat goes and sticks his nose into something he just might not be able to escape from.