TITLE:Dr. Feelgood, Degenerate Scientist for the Diablo Clan

RACE: Kindred


MERITS: Medicine, Linguistics, Torture

FLAWS: Sadisitic, Reputation, Past Life (SS war criminal)

HISTORY: The Past - Background: IN 1927, Ludwig Strauss was 24 and felt he had the world at his feet. Living in a Germany that was showing the green shoots of recovery after the carnage of World War One, Ludwig had excelled at school and had just achieved his doctrate in medicine at the prestigious Kiel University. Ludwig left the university with the endorsements of his tutors ringing in his ears and the expectation that he would soon set up his own medical practice somewhere. It was at this point that he met a man who changed his life forever - Adolf Hitler. Ludwig first heard Hitler speak in a small market place in Munich and, while he disagreed with certain elements of Nazi ideology, he could not resist the idea of a "super race" that was destined to rule Europe and the world. Within a few weeks of hearing Hitler speak, Strauss had become a fully paid up member of the Nazi party.

His loyalty was to stand him in good stead after Hitler was able to seize control of Germany in 1933. Up to this point, Strauss had made a living running a local medical practice in Munich, but after the Nazi Party had become rulers of Germany, he was offered a number of roles in the  government. Given his expertise in science and medicine, Strauss found himself in demand amongst the Nazi hierarchy, but it was Himmler's SS that secured his services. Ludwig was made a scientific advisor to the mysterious Sonderkommando Hexen, a top secret unit that was charged with the collecting information on the activities of the Inquisition in the medieval Germany.

The original intention of this unit was to gather information that could be used politically against the Catholic Church, but as more files were collected it became apparent that there was more to be gained here than simple smear material. The Inquisition records contained numerous detailed references to non-human creatures that dwelt among humanity, and hinted at even more powerful beings that may exist on the edges of reality. Sonderkommando H continued to gather the files, carefully storing them at SS headquarters. Throughout the 1930s, Ludwig studied these files with some interest, always hoping to have the opportunity to perform a study on one of these mysterious creatures. Occasionally, concentration camp inmates would be brought to the HQ of Sonderkommando H on the grounds that they claimed to have magical powers, but . They died terrible, forgotten deaths for their lies.

The outbreak of World War 2 and the implementation of the "Final Solution" saw new work for Strauss. Promoted from Sonderkommando H, he was placed as a chief at one of the notorious SS "Medical Research Facilities" in northern Poland. At this vile institute, Strauss and colleagues carried out acts of mind wrenching cruelty to Jews, Poles, Gypsies and Russian POWs, all in the name of medical science. Ludwig thoroughly enjoyed his work, convinced that the "lesser races" that died on his operating table were unworthy of any sympathy. During this bloody period, Strauss earned himself the macabre nickname "Dr. Feelgood" for his expertise in torture. However, while many died upon the SS operating tables, the elusive non-humans that had been mentioned in the Inquisition documents remained elusive.

By early 1945, it was clear that the war was lost for Germany. Despite his loyalty to Hitler and the Nazi party, Strauss knew that as a war criminal, capture by the Allies would lead to his death and that it was time to escape. Disguising himself as a common refugee, he was able to hide himself amongst the masses of German stragglers fleeing from the advancing Soviets. While the great herd of refugees headed west towards the Americans and British, Ludwig went north, acquiring passage on a neutral Swedish ship and heading to South America. Ludwig kept a low profile for a few months before becoming involved with a powerful drug cartel, working as a chemist for their narcotics. Unfortunately for Ludwig, the combination of his wanton cruelty and growing pressure on South America from America and Israel to give up Nazi war criminals meant that the drug cartel chose to turn Ludwig over to the authorities, who prepared to deport him to Israel to face trial for his crimes. It was at this point that Dominic Diablo interceded on Ludwig's behalf. The offer was simple - work for Dominic and live-forever, or turn down the offer and be executed in Israel. It was an offer that Ludwig couldn't refuse.

Ludwig has adapted well to his new role in New York. Whereas the name "Dr. Feelgood" was once one whispered with fear by Allied prisoners and concentration camp inmates, it has now become a phrase associated with high-grade narcotics. Helping to cement the Diablo clans influence on the streets, Ludwig specializes in producing ecstasy and speed for the New York club scene, as well as cutting high grade cocaine for the middle class market. With his expertise in chemistry and experience working with narcotics, there is no better drug supplier in New York than Dr. Feelgood. The police would dearly love to shut down Feelgood's operations, but in common with the rest of the Diablo clan, Ludwig is protected by the best lawyers money can buy. Even so, Strauss takes care to ensure that his narcotic operations are kept well hidden. He operates out of a large basement underneath a disused warehouse that is carefully guarded by a number of the El Diablos gang. In addition to the main drug production area, the basement contains a number of back rooms, each one hidden behind a simple black door. Few people know what is contained in these, and many of those who find out don't live long enough to tell anyone else. That's just the way that Dr. Feelgood likes it.

As well as being New York's premier drug supplier, Dr. Feelgood continues his sadistic pursuit of medical science. Dominic often sends witnesses, snoopers and other troublesome characters to Dr. Feelgood, who takes great delight in dealing with them. Ludwig also takes the occasional victim from the street, typically those who won't be missed such as street bums, prostitutes and runaways. Ludwig keeps copious notes on his experiments, dating right back to the 1930s. Someday he'll write it all into an article and submit it to a medical journal - under a false name of course.

Despite his apparently comfortable position, Ludwig is not yet satisfied. In particular, he still retains a number of Sonderkommando Hexen files on the "other creatures". The fact that Ludwig has now become one of these non-humans is not lost on him, but what gnaws at him is the reports in the files that by eating the heart of a witch or a fey, you may gain their knowledge and powers. This possibility intrigues Ludwig, as it offers the opportunity to gain yet more power - and the chance to inflict pain upon his victim before doing it. Ludwig is interested in pursuing this idea further, although he is in no rush. After all, time is on his side.

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