PLAYED BY:  Sabrina

TITLE: Daughter of the Lord of Sorrows and Gitanne Noblesse

RACE: Unknown

HANDS OF POWER: Dominate and Serpentis

MERITS: Persuasion; Linguistics; Intelligence; Torture; Stealth; Awareness; Blind Fighting; Martial Arts (Only to be described as remarkable if not near to perfection. Her strength is great and her agility, almost balletic, and she moves with speed. A form of an unknown ancient style) Arcane Magic (She knows many aspects dealing with this, but few compared to the Lord of Sorrows. Very powerful with the right hand.); Weapons (Nearly unbeatable with swords and especially sais, unless another has the same trait)

FLAWS: Hatred (Gitanne and Roarke); Driving Goal & Overconfident (To destroy them both and their rule and believes she will succeed in doing so); Loyalty (The Lord of Sorrows); Self Deception (Doesn't know the real truth for why she came into the keeping of the LoS); Secret (Daughter of Gia and the LoS); Addiction (She is no Kindred, yet she must live off blood for her unnatural life); Vengeance

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Her true appearance is rarely seen. She's like a shadow to begin with and only there long enough for you to forget-- that is, if she wants you to forget her. For so long Diana has been cloaked by the cover of secrecy within The Lord of Sorrows' halls, only revealing herself as a daemon among the humans which have sustained her life. She and her Father both conceal her natural beauty, which unfortunately closely resembles that of the Chimaera Queen. When around anyone, she disguises herself, immersed in her inherited Glamour, as well as masked with her Father's powers, and once she's left their presence, for some reason one finds it hard to recall what she looks like. Even the Shadows cannot describe it. Along with her acted charm, cunning and many aliases she is the ultimate weapon of falsity.

Diana's demeanor can be portrayed in many ways in the eyes of different people. Her skills in persuading and charming are highly exceptional and she is extremely believable in all accounts. Basically, there is no sure way to know if she is telling a lie or telling the truth, though the thought rarely crosses the mind of others. She loves the Lord of Sorrows as though he were her own father and she would never do anything to betray him. As for the proverbial key... Diana will do anything it takes to lead her 'father' to it, for she believes once he controls what is on the other side of that door, they both will have an endless amount of power.

CHARACTERISTICS: Diana has seen and been taught quite a few things. She is intelligent and cunning as well as very physically and magically inclined. She is as ruthless as she is powerful, and passionate with every element in her mind and body, though she would be the last person to think herself evil in the sense of what the world would portray her as. She is, in fact, an angel of justice, here to punish the wicked.-- She is the judge of the wrongful and deliver of death to whom she sees fit ... which will not make it easy for the Chimaera Queen and the High King of the Unseelie when her time comes to seek revenge. They are, what she considers, the epitome of pure evil and she will stop at nothing until finally destroying them along with their clans. But besides that, Diana is very fond of the arts and especially loves to feed upon writers, actors, dancers, painters, etc...

HISTORY: The Past - Diana was born around four and a half hundred years ago to Gitanne when she was as a mortal. The 'known' tale of how the daughter of the Chimaera Queen became in the keeping of the feared Lord of Sorrows is only the story Gitanne has put into her own twisted words: The tale has it that "The Lord of Sorrows had owned Gitanne and actually stole Diana right from her very own hands when the little girl was only two years of age"... a lie. A lie that only the selfish bitch herself would say to appear perfect and gain sympathy of the people she plans to rule. Yes, Diana did become in the keeping of him when she was a child; that part is true and the only truth out of what came from her mother's deceiving lips. Oh, the only word Diana truly detests... "Mother." Who could call a person mother to a liar who would abandon her own daughter? Or so says the Lord of Sorrows, whom she calls Father, but she trusts him completely and believes it whole-heartedly in hatred. He has told her the 'real' truth, which Gitanne would do anything to cover up...

After Diana was born and had come into this world of the mortal wickedness, a man had come into Gitanne's life. This man was named Roarke, King of the Unseelie. She abandoned Diana; left her own child to the elements... for a man; a Fae nonetheless, whom she despises. Then, fortunately an immortal god who had been passing through this realm saw that the young girl was abandoned and-- though reluctant to give her back to the cruelty of the mortals-- he tried to have Gia return for her, but was attacked for his act of kindness. Therefore, he graciously took to Diana as if she were his own and raised her to prepare as weapon of divine justice. He saved her from becoming one of 'them'.

She has always been with him and it never bothered her that the he was not her real father, for he is everything to her: father figure, brother, adviser, teacher, and even lover. Diana knows that he is a god and has no real form, though when he is with her, he has been known to usually take the form of a handsome man in his late thirties. She is perhaps the only person who knows the Lord of Sorrows' forgotten name and can speak it in Diabolic. She does not use this privilege lightly, as for she is aware it is both his true name and his title in the hierarchy of the gods.

After Sorrows took her in and made her to be even more like him, he took her to France, just in time to witness the rise of the Sun King and the beginning of the French Revolution. At Waterloo they moved eastward eventually reaching the despotic courts of the Tzar in Russia, and the rituals of the East. She has drunk on the excess of human pleasure and cruelty and as she did, she learned the lesson "No matter how devious a daemon is, humans are far more cruel." Throughout the darkest moments of human history, the pair have been there, teaching and studying, as if it were all orchestrated for her by her mentor. World War I and II have come and gone. They were there on a hilltop when the Americans dropped two atomic bombs on a defeated enemy. Then the little wars that blossomed beautifully after that: Yom Kippur, Six-Day War, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and lately the Balkans. Diana is completely immune now. She doesn't believe that humans have a chance of redemption; they are vessels to be used for the greater cause.

Over the years, The Lord of Sorrows has been her teacher for her physically and mentally: Diana is well versed in languages, martial arts, and in all sorts of weapons. He taught his "child" to defend herself physically and magically with an array of weapons and master her technique in deception. He has taught her to hate with unrelenting ferocity, so much that even Dominic gives her a wide berth. And he has taught her that life, human or immortal, is of little use, it is how one's life is lived that is important.

Throughout her travels, her hatred for Gitanne grew more as though it were fire and the kindling was endless, for Diana was constantly exposed to warm families with strong mother figures; something that she herself would never have because of she and Roarke. Diana wants nothing more than to see them destroyed as well their families. Not just the 'death' of her mother... no that is far too easy. Gitanne must first suffer as Diana has suffered. To learn loss far greater than she thought possible. To yearn for death and be unable to get it. Then and only then will she be the agent of that death. This means she will stop any attempt on Gia's life that is not of her choosing, and after, Diana feels that her life will then be fulfilled and her revenge taken wisely.

This sole purpose brought her to New York, where she found both Roarke and Gitanne together in the same place. The perfect opportunity. Here Diana has stayed with her father, keeping close tabs on their every move. Although unknown to everyone, she knows everything about anyone of importance. Diana has her ways of knowing who is who and what is happening all about her, and has been doing so for years. Through a foretelling of The Lord of Sorrows, Diana soon became in a mutual 'alliance' with the Diablo King Dominic, though he still hasn't an idea of who she truly is. As Eden, she is only a follower of the King of Shadows, but therefore an ally worth having. "Why" is the question that she has not yet explained.

Just recently her years in secrecy came to an abrupt end at the anticipated turn of events. She is now within the Noblesse household. With the thoughts of her Father whispering inside her mind and her own scheming, she is just now beginning to carry out the plan she's imagined to succeed in her goal. Diana is confident in her plans and confident in her powers-- though she very well knows that what powers she obtained that were not of her father's teachings came with a price. Diana has succeeded in the act of Diablerie clandestinely more than one could count and has also committed crimes against the laws and against the codes that preternatural creatures must follow. She understands that she is among those whom Selene, Seth and Simon seek for final death, but have yet to discover them. Diana believes that she has been able to decieve the powers that be-- otherwise, they would have come to dispose of her long ago...

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