TITLE: Freki to the Werewolves, Former Lover of Gitanne Noblesse, Gia's Wolf

RACE: Werewolf

HANDS OF POWER: Animalism and Primal Form

MERITS: Laws of the Earth, Medicine, Awareness, Charming & Martial Arts (fighting)

FLAWS: Divided Loyalties, Addicted

HISTORY: The Past - Doyle was one of Chicago’s finest doctors: handsome, brilliant, and easygoing. A charming man leading a charmed life. Oh, there were a few problems with the hospital administration, but when you’re right most of the time, that’s bound to happen. This all came to an end with bad night on an emergency room shift with a badly injured shifter, and a subsequent clash with Daemon, the Clan’s former King, who revealed his ‘secret’ out after Doyle refused to be his lackey. Of course having a werewolf on staff wouldn’t have looked too good for the hospital. Thanks to the Preternatural Act, the administrators at the hospital were forced to ease him out of the medical community with sanctions and patient restrictions. Few could withstand these dual pressures, Doyle managed them as many with easy access to pharmaceuticals do. A chance encounter in the hospital pharmacy and the medical community was done with him, as he was with them.

Doyle can still occasionally be found helping Sabrina fix-up the shapeshifters, so they won't compromise their identities to the public. While Doyle would never let it on, he hasn’t forgotten those who took away his life, as Daemon and his former supervisors found out.

On the surface, Doyle is humorous, good-natured, and easygoing, quick with a tension-releasing joke or a barb. He helps keep the edge off of Lucien and keep everything balanced. He was, and is, one of those individuals completely without ambition or any interest in what others think of him, savoring the sensations and events of life, but not deeply affected by it. However, beneath that exterior is no small passion, anger, and resentment. With energies focused from medicine to his clan, Doyle quickly rose to the position of Lucien’s Freki or Second in Command and his sometime Enforcer, a position that occasionally allows him an official reason to even the score for a past of rough treatment.

However, things have become increasingly complex. No man can serve two masters, but his deep bond with Lucian, a 10 year friendship which started with the deposition of the former king, will eventually conflict with his role as Gia’s animal. He’s rationalized the latter since they’ve been an on-again, off-again couple, which has allowed both he and Gia to rationalize and hide the true power she has over him. He knows her heart well enough to care for her deeply, but is not comfortable enough with the vulnerability showing that would expose. He is also very close to Grace and treats her like a little sister.

Doyle is completely uninterested in politics, but at some point will have to make a stand: Lucien’s will eventually move to overthrow the control of the Noblesse, and Doyle will have to choose between the two. Lucien has taken care to ensure that, other than respect, Doyle has no formal power base within the shifters, not allowing him to form his own pack. However, the less-idealistic of the younger, hot-blooded shifters naturally gravitate to Doyle’s charm. Charged by Lucien with keeping an eye on his more stuffy and dour peers, Doyle knows he will eventually have to deal with Keil. Finally, with the coming storm threatening all of mankind, the same man who once took an oath to protect all life and do no harm will have to decide if those that betrayed and now fear him deserve his help.

The Present - Coming Soon

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