TITLE: King of the Diablo, The Godfather of Organized Crime

RACE: Kindred

HANDS OF POWER: Fortitude and Obfuscate

MERITS: Athletics, Awareness, Blind Fighting, Jack of All Trades, Ambidextrous, Charmed life, Streetwise, Finance

FLAWS: Code of Honor, Reputation, Driving Goal, Vengeful

HISTORY: The Past - Born during the early days of the crusades, he was a bright young man gifted in the arts of warfare and strategy. He left for the Holy Lands and fought two Crusades gaining a reputation as a
devil on the battlefield, gaining the title Lord Diablo. Eventually though, he grew sick of the slaughter and returned home. As a knight of some renown, he drew the attentions of his sire and was embraced. He journeyed all over the Old World with his sire before coming to Vienna, where they ran into a pack of Fae who slew his sire. It was only through the aid of his shapeshifting allies that he was able to escape. Fleeing Venice, he made his way to Spain where he met and embraced Catalina Montoya. Together they traveled and gradually amassed a great wealth through smart investment and questionable business deals.

Eventually, Catalina (now renamed Katrina) left him to sire her childe, with his blessings. Returning to Venice, Dominic Diablo was the head of a powerful empire built on the success of his trading ventures and criminal endeavors. He slew his persecutors and stole their wealth. It was rumored that the literary work Count of Monte Cristo is actually Dominic's autobiography in disguise.

With the age of discovery, Dominic decided to move his base of operations to Italy. Slowly working through several proxies he ran most of the Mafia activities. He is the godfather of all godfathers. Totally untouchable since nothing could be linked to him. When the migrated to the US, Dominic slowly build his power base in the city. Currently, he is the man behind all the street drug, gun-running, human smuggling and flesh trade operations in the city. The law would love to get their claws into him, except he is totally clean and has the best lawyers to boot. Many wonder why he tolerates Sebastian's antics. He only replies with a mysterious smile.

Dominic's goal is to bring the city under his total control. Through whatever means necessary, no matter how devious. He has gained a reputation a ruthless opponent but with a code of honor. Once he gives his word, it is as good as gold. His strategy is to provide man's every vice and crush them both body and soul. He cares not for the people he hurts as long as his goals are attained. Dominic likes to keep up to date with the latest in technology. However, he is paranoid about having his picture taken. He believes that pictures would capture part of his soul, if he loses all his soul he would die. This belief is firm and unshakeable.

Recently with the death of his wife, Dominic has undergone a transformation, his entire world being ripped apart. Very few are close to him now, and even they may not recognize the man he has become, even his paranoia about camera's seems forgotten. While  Dominic was meant to be sent away for an extended holiday, as he  quickly degenerated into a broken wreck with his wife's death, the plane turned around. Instead, something happened to change him. How or why such a change has occurred remains a mystery, as are a lot of  things concerning Dom and his plans for the city.

The Present - Dominic's erratic behavior after Katrina's death came to a peak when he had Sebastian Diablo publicly apologize for attacking the Talamascan Orphanage (Wrong clan...oops) and state that he hopes that Darian and Gitanne Noblesse will use Citadel Towers as a Sanctuary. Apparently, enough was enough for Queen Noblesse as she stormed his offices and told him to leave her city by sundown. He is to give up his throne and disappear. If he does not, his life is forfeit. She has effectively killed him without even lifting a finger, though she does have a hefty amount of his blood flowing through her veins right now. Will he be smart and leave the city? Or is the Godfather of Crime finally going to meet his wife in Final Death?

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