TITLE: Roarke's Personal Guard



MERITS: Weapons wrist blades), Firearms (pistols), Heightened Senses

FLAWS: Intolerance (Deloth has a powerful intolerance for incompetence and the failure to perform an assigned task or mission), Nightmares (Because of The War and the horrors he witnessed, Del suffers during The Dreaming. Most Fey, instead of sleeping, go into a voluntary trance where they relive past positive memories. This is almost impossible for Deloth now and he is slightly unhinged because of it. When rest becomes mandatory, he requires the help of Elven Mages to put him into a Dreamless state), Higher Purpose (Because Del views Roarke as the only salvation for the Feyan race, he will guard him unto his own Final Death and many of his life's decision are made with this thought in mind), Paranoid (Since his "darkening", Deloth has become a classic paranoid. Much like a tired old spy who can't relax after becoming a civilian, Deloth is constantly on edge and dangerously paranoid), Reputation (Deloth, after the centuries of being Roarke's personal bodyguard, has garnered a rather notorious reputation as a ruthless killer and sometime assassin for his Lord. His name is often times whispered by even his own Clan)

HISTORY: In millennia past, the Fey came over from Sidhe and found the Firbolg had enslaved the native humans. A young, golden haired Bard made the journey from Sidhe excited about the adventure that was sure to follow. What his name was then is no longer spoken of by those who remember. For Deloth to hear it would spell certain doom for the offender. Because of his youthful misconceptions about the chivalry of war, Deloth looked forward to the liberating of the "poor humans" by the Noble Fey race. Even after years of combat, the handsome, golden haired Fey would sing the praises of his fellow Elven Warriors and the nobility of their Quest. Until a fateful night...

No one is clear about what happened that dark night in the cold winter of Eire. A late night raid by the Fey was planned and Deloth became lost in the dark of the night. He was found miles from the raid near dawn. He sat alone in a clearing, surrounded by dozens of dead Firbolg. Deloth was catatonic for the better part of a month. When he finally came around, he would speak only to Roarke. He informed his commander that he was to now be referred to by a new name. Deloth Mor...which translated means Black Hatred.

Along with his change of name, Deloth shaved his treasured golden locks and dressed only in the black that his named suggested. His personality went from joyful Bard to grim Warrior. Because he saw Roarke as the only way to rid the planet of the Firbolg, Deloth was never far from his Lord. In combat, he would stand behind Commander Roarke and protect his back. With Rohan, Frost and Roarke leading the charge, Del would follow his leaders through any ordeal.

After the split within the Fey ranks, it was obvious that Deloth would never leave Roarke. He followed his new King and the Unseelie Clan was born. Even though Frost was charged with Clan security, Roarke asked Deloth to form and lead his personal guard, named Red Branch. Deloth rose to the challenge and served his Lord with distinction. Silent deaths, assassinations and outright combat became the calling for Deloth Mor. And with each passing century, his paranoia grew and the once golden Fey became as his Lord...Dock Alfar.

With the rising of the Temple and the finding of the Keys, Deloth has become even more on edge. Del's obvious dislike for the Noblesse Queen has not become an issue because he has refused to let it. He knows that his King is obsessed with her and he will not allow his personal feelings to grieve his liege. Like his King, he desires the opening of the Gate and believes that his Kin are waiting to come through to bring home their brothers.

Many believe that Deloth is becoming more and more unstable as the End of Days approaches. His fights and duels are becoming more numerous and increasingly vicious. With double 18 inch forarm blades, Deloth is a dervish against his opponents and he has yet to lose. His skill is legendary and the body count is mounting. With his Power of Physica, Deloth is especially dangerous. Being able to become anything is a handy tool for a body guard...

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