TITLE: The Scarlet Lady, Noblesse Matriarch, Marius's sire and mother

RACE: Kindred

HAND OF POWER: Blood Magic

MERITS: Ritual Magic & Knowledge, Bureaucracy, Leadership, Politics, Etiquette, Vigilance

FLAWS: Dark Secrets, Driving Goal, Higher Purpose, Notoriety, Shaman/Medium

HISTORY: The Past - It is believed that Darian was born into a family of nobles during the time when kings ruled Greece (500BC). Her father was of noble origin but her mother was of a lesser station. Her childhood was uneventful and she grew up with all the privileges that a name provides. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are reminiscent of birth from an Italian mother and a Greek father. A lover of music, art and languages were among her favorite. She never lacked for male attentions as she was lovely, sweet and innocent. Until that is, she was introduced to her fathers business associate, Gregor. He was staying with the family briefly to finish several business dealings before returning home. He was constantly following her around, asking her to dance and did not take kindly to being refused. At a mere 31 years of age, she took her life into her hands when at her fathers insistence she went riding with Gregor. It was the last day she would ever see.

Darian never forgave her benefactor for his dark gift as she was an unwilling participant. She was rebellious and high spirited in her new found form and went against him when she could. Gregor taught her how easily mortals could be manipulated and molded to a given request or desire. Darin spent many years with her Sire learning and developing her true talents. The appreciation of a fine wine, a great work of art and a skillful kill were all his doing. Gregor always told her that a kill that was done correctly was poetry in motion. He taught her the ways and the uses of magic in many forms which she practices to this day. However, she would not want to divulge all of her secrets in the majiks. She saw Gregor one last time, when he discussed her future with her. He made it clear that he was leaving but that she would be taken care of and not to worry. She later discovered he had left his holdings to her, and even though she looked for him she never saw him again.

Darian was delighted to find she was pregnant with Gregors' childe, but now she was all alone to raise him. The day Marius was born was the best of her life. She showered him with attention spoiling him constantly. She knew right away he had promises of something greater than what he was. She explained that she could give him power beyond his wildest imagination if he was willing to accept the Embrace. He went willingly into the world of the Kindred, and she molded him into what he would become, a feared yet highly respected member of the inner sanctum. He never failed to live up to her expectations in his abilities and she made sure he was well prepared for his role. He could be particularly savage in a kill and in the next minute compliment his host on the excellent wine. He was her pride and joy.

Throughout her long life, Darian met and entertained some of histories most noted society members. Some she even married. She married Salvestro de' Medicia, a brutal and ruthless dictator later in her life. Her distaste of Kine and the way they treat each other began with him. But then seven years ago Marius died mysteriously and no one knows what happened but Gia. Of course, Darian refuted to listen to any rumors that Gia had anything to do with his death. She supported Gia in her struggle to lead the family and keep control. She knew Gia has had a very hard life and she tried to help granddaughter as best she could.

Darian is the ancestor to all of the Noblesse clan, the Matriarch of the family, and the politician and diplomat of the clan. She advised the young Queen as she did Marius when he walked the earth. She feels nothing for humanity, even though she herself was once human. She is the teacher of the magical arts to the rest of the clan and an ambassador to both Feyan courts. She is very involved in the arts side of the business, and has an impressive collection of her own. Most of this due to the fact that her Sire left her well off before he "disappeared" and was never seen again. Darian tries to maintain the balance in the family as best she can. She has a great love of the arts and takes great pleasure in it. She is also actively involved in politics and makes sure that the "family" is keeping itself established in the political arena to ensure their base of power.

The Present For several reasons, some known only to herself, Darian staged a coup against Gitanne some weeks ago stripping the young Queen of her throne and splitting the Noblesse clan into two very distinct camps. The millennia old Kindred is now preparing for the Trial that may result in her death, but she has quite a few cards yet to play to ensure that the final outcome is what she envisions.

See also Gia, Marius