TITLE: Leader of the Feranti, The Dark Prince

RACE: Witch

HANDS OF POWER: Necromancy (Spirit) and Obtenebration

MERITS: Enchanting Voice, Jack of All Trades, Leadership, Martial Arts, Ritual Knowledge, Seduction, Subterfuge, Arcane Arts

FLAWS: Addiction (Chimaeran blood), Dark Secret (the murder of Marius), Notoriety, Nightmares/Haunted (Marius' memories haunt him)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Don't let his apparently young age fool you... he's much much older. An advantage he tend to use quite often when dealing with people. He's a very modern young man that tries to keep up with the developing world. He is very nimble and strong for his size, but prefer beating his opponents with wits and manipulation.

HISTORY: The Past - Dante's first life was many hundred years ago and since then he has had lived many lives, learning all kinds of things that was necessary to survive in an ever developing world. He is the youngest son of Gregory and Julia Talamasca, the ruling family of the clan. From the beginning he was looked upon as the black sheep of the family due to his interest in the occult and he has barely any relationship to them.

Dante was a real manipulative person and has destroyed many friendships and alliances within his own clan. His parents did not know what to do with him, until his father's brother, the mysterious Grimaldi (Rasputin) suddenly appeared and offered to take the young man under his wings, educating and straightening him out. Gregory accepted without knowing that his old friend had turned to the dark side and was the leader of the secretive Feranti, a sect of wizards and necromancers within the Talamasca clan, who used more... dramatic ways of getting what they wanted.

First Rasputin just wanted Dante as a toy he could manipulate with and use against Gregory, but ended up being tricked several times by the Talamasca prince. It impressed him that this young lad had the courage and the abilities to fool one of the most powerful sorcerers on Earth. He soon discovered that Dante had other talents as well, mainly in the arcane arts. The years flew by and all the time together connected the 2 into something that could be described as a father/son relationship. Dante took over the leadership of the Feranti after Rasputin stepped down after the Russian revolution. Dante, who was not as conservative as Rasputin, modernized the sect and after world war 2 he founded the Illuminati Inc. which would later become an important factor in the technology-driven world of the 1990s and the new millennia.

Ten years ago Rasputin found a way to true immortality. Via a ritual and a sacrifice of a Chimaera he could transfer the life-essence, powers and memories into a Feranti. Dante persuaded his uncle Rasputin to let him be the first to try it out. They only needed a Chimaera. Their choice fell on Marius Noblesse, who was the King of the Council and leader of the Noblesse clan. How they got their hands on him only they and Gia can tell for they were all that were there that night, but they did and the ritual killed him and transferred his life-essence and memories into Dante.

The Present - Bethany had begun to be a problem long before she decided to become friends with his older sister, Natalie, and seek her protection. She is up to something and he is determined to discover what it is and eliminate the problem all together. If only he knew what he was up against. Pity he tends to underestimate women.