TITLE: Satinamuh Operative

RACE: Human/Immortal


MERITS: Increased Strength, "Ultimate" Fighting, Increased Fortitude, Leadership, Firearms, Torture

FLAWS: Hunted, Sadistic

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Danny looks like a well muscled, well tattooed man in his early 30s. He wears  his brown hair in a flat top, he has brown eyes. He is about 6’2" and weighs 250 lbs. He usually wears a black Satinamuh beret and a bizarre, crazy smile.

HISTORY: Danny O’Shea was born Horst Leinhauser in Munich, Germany in 1918. Horst was a big, strong boy, and soon became enraptured by a young politician named Adolf Hitler. Leinhauser became one of the first SS officers in 1936 at the age of 18. Leinhauser helped empty the Jewish ghettos of Vienna and Warsaw. By the end of the war, Horst was a 27 old year old Major in the SS. Horst saw the writing on the wall, and when there was a mass escape from the Polish work camp that he helped to oversee, which was full of Soviet soldiers, he took the opportunity to flee. He changed into a Russian army  uniform and passed himself off as a Russian tank commander until the end of the war. After he was almost caught, he moved to America, and became an Irish bartender. He managed to get an ID by the name of Danny O’Shea in 1949, and has been going by that name ever since. Also in 1949, Danny was approached by a Satinamuh recruiter, and "Danny" has been cleansing the world of dirty Chimaera ever since. The Israeli Mossad are looking intently for Danny, or rather for Horst, but they are looking  for an 85 year old man.

After organizing an anti-Chimaera mob soon after the electromagnetic pulse, and thereby killing and injuring masses of Chimaera (mostly Unseelie though)  Nemesis and Olesia Talamasca killed the racist and unstable Danny. His power went to no one.