TITLE: Bastet of the Igaluk Pard, Professional Thief known as 'The Cat'

RACE: Werecougar/puma

HANDS OF POWER: Animalism and Telekenesis

MERITS: Awareness, Electronics, Larceny, Security, Leadership, Streetwise, and Stealth

FLAWS: Compulsion (she will steal or con her way out of paying for almost everything), Curiosity (some say it killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back), Rival Clan (she is the default leader of one of the largest cat clans in America and is now deep into wolf territory), Reputation (Not just as Bastet, but as a thief, though there are very few (e.g. count on one hand) who would recognize her by face or by her real name as she has never been caught)

AGE: 63 looks 28

OCCUPATION: Professional Thief/Pop-culture Geek

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Just your average girl, Charlie feels the most comfortable in well worn jeans and vintage t-shirts, however she does love to get all gussied up when the occasion presents itself.   She changes her looks regularly and is well versed in makeup and wigs as misdirection is always the key.  But she is most happy with her long brunette hair down and little or no makeup on her face. Notable markings:  gun shot wound on her right shoulder (happened before she became a shifter), small tattoo of a paw print on her right hip.

PERSONALITY: Spunky, Flirtacious, Charming, Reliable, Girl Next Door Ė all are words that have been used to describe Charlie.  Then again so are Ė Destructive, Teasing, Stubborn Bitch.  She of course agrees with both sets of words.  It all really just depends on the day.  On average Charlie is pretty easy to get along with. Sheís laid back and fairly low maintenance.  Sheís also a bit of a pop-culture junkie (just look at her apartment).  Sheís quick to make acquaintances and extremely slow to make friends (Itís a trust thing).  She of course can be quite manipulative and is used to playing different roles.  She is intelligent, curious and extremely creative.

HISTORY: The Past - Iím just your average girl really, except for the part where your average girl next door happens to be a professional thiefÖand a shapeshifter.   I blame my profession on ĎTo Catch a Thiefí with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.  I was 12 years old and Mr. Cary Grant as John Robie was my first great love.  I didnít just want to be Grace Kelly.  I wanted to be ĎThe Catí as well.  I wouldnít understand until much later how ironic it all was.  Ah, but Iím getting ahead of myself.

I was born in 1943 in Kalispell , Montana .  Been there?  Not a horrible place.  Not the best either.  My mom and dad, Megan and Jack Bennett, didnít have a supernatural bone in their body.  Naturally when my Ďabilitiesí began to kick in when I was about 9 they didnít know what to do except pawn me off to my Aunt Tess in Seattle.  Do I blame them?  Nah.  They did what they thought was best.  Besides Aunt Tess was the best person they couldíve sent me to live with because, like me, she was different.  Tess was telekinetic, though at the time I had no idea what that meant.  Could have been some horrible disease for all I knew.

In time I learned to control my abilities and was actually quite good at it.  Which brings me back to John Robie.  At first I stole little things just to see if I could.  And then I got better.  By 21, Iíd already begun to make a name for myself as a thief.  By 24, I bought my first house.  And then at 25;  At 25, I met Caleb.  I fell hard and I fell fast.  I did not look both ways or listen to anything but the rapid beating of my own heart.  He just knew me, accepted me and loved every part of me, faults and all.  Thief to thief.  Heart to Heart. It was Caleb who would change my life forever.  I just wouldnít know it until it was too late. To make a long story short, we fell in love and lust and everything else that makes the world go all rosy pink.

I remember the day everything changed.  It was early August and we were hiking in the Cascades.  There was a proposal and I said yes.  Then he just took off.  Not exactly what I had expected out of my acceptance of his proposal.  Itís not a good sign when your husband to be runs away.  Naturally, I went looking for him, found a cougar instead.  The cat didnít chase me and to be honest I think I recognized something in those feline eyes.  But the cat bit me, a love nip Caleb would later insist (sure a love nip that almost cost me my life), as if it mattered because I didnít get to choose my fate.  I wish he had just told me.  I think I would have asked to be turned anyway.  But he didnít ask me.  He just did.

Of course after that, there were some bumpy spots.  Bumpy meaning crater size potholes and lots of mud and other things to use a bad metaphor.  But in the end, I came to terms with what I was and used it to my advantage.  Imagine the irony of being an actual Ďcatí burglar.  I became the Cat after all.  Funny how life turns out.  Caleb and I became mates, got married and life was good.   When he became the Alpha or Bes (after the Egyptian God) of the Igaluk Clan, the cats in the Midwest and Northwest regions, I helped him and became his Bastet naturally.   We moved out of Seattle and set up shop in Denver where we lived and thieved happily.  Five years ago we started having problems with the wolves.  Bad problems.

And then Caleb left three months ago on a job and he didnít come home.  I donít think he left me, not on purpose.  He said he had business in New York and I didnít question it.  Weíd done solo Ďprojectsí before.  Maybe the job went bad.  Or maybe it wasnít a job after all.  I think he went to ask for help from Queen Noblesse.  Wouldn't tell me for sake of pride of some other manly crap I donít understand.  Maybe the wolves got him.  I donít know.  But now, whether he is merely missing or dead, I am a wife without her husband, a thief without her partner in crime and a Bastet without her mate.  I canít rule the Clan.  My heart isnít in it.  And I donít want to become anyone elseís mate.  At least no one around here.  So I came to New York .  Caleb may be here somewhere.  He could be in hiding, be held prisoner or - if heís not, Iíll try to petition the Queen myself.   And if all that falls through, there are a hell of a lot of things to steal around here that I havenít already. Pay me enough and I will get you exactly what you want.