TITLE: Head of Acquisitions for the Illuminati Corp., works for Bethany Feranti

RACE: Witch

HANDS OF POWER: Necromancy (Spirit) and Serpentis

MERITS: Enigmas (Francesco, as in history, is well marked for his great mind. He is capable of analyzing any quandary and finding a workable solution. He views all interactions as games to be mastered.) Martial Arts – Blades (He likes using blades because he can study the pain his targets feel more closely. He is also known to use various poisons on the edges in order to study their effects in more detail.), Stealth (The mission of silencing others bred the necessity for stealth), Streetwise (He knows who to talk to on the streets to secure influence for Bethany and the Feranti), and Torture (Just for fun)

FLAWS: Addiction (Chimaera Blood), Frustration (If Francesco cannot solve a problem, he is overcome with rage at his lack of capability and becomes obsessed with finding the answer), Overconfident (Francesco believes he has insight that no others can understand or share), Loyalty (Francesco will not betray Bethany and will ever comply with her command) Haunted (by Samuel Whitethorn)

SOUL HE DIABLERIZED: Samuel Whitethorn (Lucien’s old Bolverk six years ago)

CHARACTERISTICS: Francesco is a cold, calculating man and has little time for anything but his own self interests and amusements.   And yet he enjoys the grand scheme of things, enjoys watching power struggles, and nations rise and fall and playing a part in that rise and fall.  His clothes are expensive and tailored, hiding the well toned body beneath.  At first women are taken by his dark features and enigmatic smile, a smile that rarely leaves his face, but then they see the cold emptiness of his eyes and think better than to involve themselves with him.  Still, he has no shortage of women in and out of his bed, but they mean very little.  He would much rather have Bethany. 

KNOWN MARKINGS: Francesco has sigils on his neck, and both forearms.

HISTORY: He was born Francesco de Medici, but do not believe all of the stories.  Actually you can believe the one where he conspired with his mistress to poison his first wife, for that one is true.  As is his orchestration of the demise of his mistress’s husband.  Such stories would continue throughout his lifetimes.

He had always been curious about the occult long before his necromancy began to kick in.  And he’d never really been a ‘good boy’.  Of course the White Council came in and tried to make him a good Talamscan, but they’d never treated him or any other necromancer with much respect.  So it shouldn’t have come to anyone’s surprise when he followed Rasputin and his protégé to the Feranti clan.

And then he met Bethany .  Dante was a fool for misusing her obvious talents and an idiot for not appreciating such sensual beauty.  The two necromancers formed a friendship due to their positions within the Illuminati Corp.  At first he aided her in little ways, knowing full well that she would win if it came to a power struggle between her and Dante.  After all, he does enjoy the rise and fall of empires if but for the fact that it allows him to use his own talents and amuses him to no end.

For the past few years and more steadily in the past six months he has been at the forefront of slowly stealing power from the Diablos through businesses (both legal and illegal), and organized crime bases.  In his own way, this is Francesco’s version of wooing Bethany .  Flowers and candy are nothing compared to helping a woman gain a company, a clan, and an empire.  

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