TITLE: Mercenery/Bodyguard for Hire

RACE: Immortal

HANDS OF POWER: Physical Adept - Consists of Heightened Senses and the strength and speed of a normal Chimaera

MERITS: Weapons (Gladius - Roman Short Sword and  Pugio - Roman Dagger), Fire Arms (All), Martial Arts (Pancrase -  Greco-Roman Martial Art: Basically Boxing/Wrestling), Streetwise, Blind Fighting

FLAWS: Cursed (Cursed by the Christ on Golgotha during His crucifixion to be a soldier/wanderer until His return), Nightmares (Nightly reminders of Christ's curse that only after centuries of practice keeps him from screaming when he wakes.), Hunted (A fanatical secret society of warrior monks hunt Casca for his participation in the death of Christ. They have hunted him for almost eighteen hundred years, almost catching him on several occasions)

HISTORY: Two thousand years ago, Casca Gaius Longinus was a Roman centurion stationed in Jerusalem under Pontius Pilate. He stood on Golgotha while the one called Christ was crucified. Before He died, Christ looked down on Casca and said, "Roman, you revel in your work. So shall you remain until My return."

Casca broke the legs of the criminals and thrust his combat spear into Christ's side to be sure He was dead. The blood that sprang from His side splashed on Casca and got in his mouth. It burned as acid and Casca screamed long before passing out. When he awoke, he had to claw his way out of a shallow and gravelly soldiers grave.

Taking his first death as his retirement from the Legions, Casca set out to find the answer to the mystery of his Immortality. Alternately spending days or decades in hot spots all over the world, Casca went in search of war. It's seemed that the Christ was right......Casca loved the fight. Down through the ages, the former legionnaire fought, bled and killed all over the planet. Casca had a hand in every major conflict for the past two thousand years.

Now, in the present, Casca has returned to New York city because of the rise of the Central Park Temple and the finding of the Keys...there to find his destiny. Casca has taken the name Casey Long in the modern age. He feels that he must keep his identity a secret because of those that still seek to kill him for his part in the crucifixion of their God. He makes his living as a security consultant / mercenary and a noted expert of the Roman Empire and collector of ancient antiquities. Most recently, a favor from Bronic Noblesse, he has become Gitanne Noblesse's bodyguard. He was also once lovers with Marie Giovanni.