TITLE: The Giovanni Enforcer, King Nicholas' Confidant, Priest of Selene

RACE: Kindred


MERITS: Occult, Occult Library,Ritual Knowledge

FLAWS: Nightmares, Permanent Wound (Burns)

HISTORY: Carlo has the dark charms of his home city, Venice. He has a quick, and winning smile, which he uses to convert enemies to friends, and friends to brothers. He is 5'10", and slender. Carlo sometimes unconsciously rubs his once burned chest. His eyes are chestnut brown, his hair, just beginning to gray at the temples.

Carlo was born in Venice, Italy circa 1350 A.D. When he was just three years old, the black death swept through his neighborhood, infecting both of his parents. Carlo was taken with his parents, to be buried in a mass grave of those stricken with the dread plague. Carlo had not been infected, somehow, but as his parents had been sick with the plague for days, Carlo had gone without food or water, and was very ill.

Discovered as the dirt was being poured on top of him, Carlo was taken to the local Jesuit monestary, and there remained until he was thirty six. While a monk, he discovered a love of knowledge. He immersed himself in all of the Christian mysticism he could lay his hands on. This search for truth led him to question the accepted laws of the church, and was condemned a heretic for accusing the church of hypocrisy. He entered the world after being tortured, but not before smuggling out his collection of Christian mystic tomes. He wondered the countryside with little more than his books for six years, when he was taken by the ancient vampire Phaedrus of Thrace, for his uncommon knowledge of the occult.

Two years later, his master burned by the people of the city of Toledo, Spain and himself burned badly, he slipped away to England. There, he was introduced to Nicholas Giovanni, who instantly saw the fledgling's possibilities, and made Carlo one of his closest and most loyal confidants. In the matter of the occult, Carlo's opinion will always be sought by Nicholas. Is part of the Selenic Brotherhood

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