TITLE: Rebel, Loyal to Darian

RACE: Kindred (Unknown Noblesse sire)


MERITS: Acrobatics, Blind Fighting, Martial Arts (Dagger, Firearms)

FLAWS: Insanity, Amnesia, Loyalty (to Darian Noblesse)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Jack stands at about 5’5”, and has a petite and lithe body. She has a heart-shaped face, pale lips, and short orange hair which she usually wears spiked. Her shin is very pale, as is usually the case with vampires. She always wears nice black clothes that have been tailored to fit her small body well. Jack often wears metallic jewelry around her neck and wrists and also has several pairings. She kind of looks like a punk/goth mime if such a thing exists. Her most interesting feature is her eyes, which are light brown in color. Her pupils are vertical slits, like those of a cat thus earning her the nickname of “Calico”.

CHARACTERISTICS: The only word to describe Jack is “psychotic”. She is completely insane. Her mood will shift violently at any given moment from kind and silly to deadly and cruel. The only time she is ever truly happy is when she is killing something. She usually speaks in a childlike manner masking her very keen intelligence.

HISTORY: Jack doesn’t remember anything of her life before becoming a vampire over 300 years ago. She knows she must have been from England because she speaks with a slight Cockney accent, but other than that can remember nothing about her past. She also has no memory of how she became a vampire or who her sire is although whoever it was they must have been Nobelesse because she can withstand daylight for brief amounts of time.

300 years ago Darian Nobelesse found Jack roaming the streets of Istanbul, although Jack had no idea how she arrived there. Sensing the young vampire’s potential Darian arranged for her to travel to Italy and study to become an assassin. Jack did so, but would at times merely wander off to explore her own interests, sometimes disappearing for decades without anyone knowing where she had gone. Jack was in one of these “missing” times when she heard news of Darian’s coup against Giatanne. Jack hurried to New York to offer her aid to Darian, the only person in the world Jack has ever trusted.

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