TITLE: Noblesse Lawyer

RACE: Kindred

HAND OF POWER: Astral Self

MERITS: Bureaucracy, Law, Politics

FLAWS: Code of Honor (Christian), Loyalty (Gitanne Noblesse)

HISTORY: The Past - Bronic Brannaugh was born 1895 in New York City to a wealthy, powerful family. His childhood was one of privilege but not excess. His father was not one to spoil his son. The Brannaugh's were conscience oftheir wealth and sought to use it for the betterment of the human condition. Bronic was taught that with enormous wealth and power comes social responsibility to help those less fortunate. The family made their money with steel and railroads, so they were important to the emerging world power that New York was becoming.

When World War I broke out, Bronic was attending Harvard law and on his way to becoming a lawyer. When Germany seemed to be gaining in strength, Bronic excused himself from Harvard and joined the army. While he was concerned for his son, Bronic's father was proud and supportive of his only child. Because of his family connections and legal training, Bronic was put into the intelligence branch of the new special forces.

After two years, Bronic was selected for a "special" program. As always, the military was exploring ways to make a "super soldier". With their protected minority status, all Preturnaturals were not made to go to war. And finding willing Kindred was more than a little difficult. Therefore, a "volunteer" was high on the list of things to do with certain groups. After procuring such a volunteer, many tests were conducted to find out just "what' a Kindred was. After months of frustrating tests and no co-operation from the "volunteer" Kindred, a radical solution was come upon.

Bringing in Bronic to the program, the scientists decided to all but drain the Vampire and transfuse his blood with the unwitting Brannaugh recruit. The results were more than they could have hoped for. Bronic "died" that night. He awoke to an unquenchable thirst that could only be satisfied with blood. And to the staunch Christian that he was, this was unacceptable to Bronic. Furious that he was betrayed by his government, Bronic used his new found powers to effect his escape. With no where else to go, the young law student went home. Thinking that he would only be able to travel at night, the trip from Langley to New York was longer than it could have been.

But one day, Bronic was trapped outside in the sun.......and didn't burn. What he didn't know was that the Kindred with whom he received blood from was an Ancient. A Daywalker. With knowing that he could walk in the sunlight, Bronic felt less like a freak. And the trip home got a little easier.

His homecoming was not as sentimental as it could have been. Not knowing what to do with his Kindred son, Marcus Brannaugh used all of his power and influence to ask for a meeting with Marius Noblesse. With pledges of loyalty and mutual favors, Marcus secured the help for his son that he couldn't provide alone...a special serum that would replace blood as a means to keep his son alive. It took months and Bronic was weak and hovering near Final Death the whole time but he refused to drink blood. It was during his recovery that Bronic met Gitanne. He loved her, yes, but it was not a love that most men felt for the Noblesse beauty. Bronic loved her as a sister. Gia helped the new Kindred understand what he was and how to operate in their society.

With his families wealth, Bronic again attended Harvard and graduated with honors and a degree in law and theology. After passing the Bar, he went to work not for the family business but as Family Counsel for the Noblesse Clan. With the advent of industrialization, Marius realized that the law was a weapon to be used and he needed someone to wield it. Bronic was given full reign to assemble a private law firm to serve the Noblesse.

Because of his Christian beliefs, Bronic is somewhat less effective than a lawyer could be, but his reputation as an honest and trustworthy Kindred affords him the respect of the masses and the politicos with whom he must deal. His dealings with top officials and power brokers in the city are well documented and well known.

Since the murder of Marius, Bronic has been working non-stop on behalf of the Noblesse and Gia especially. Power is always a fickle thing and the Kindred lawyer does all he can to help Gia keep it. And now with the emergence of the Temple and the Keys, Bronic considers it very important that Gia come out on top...

The Present - Bronic has always been there for Gia and for the past two months has done everything in his power to protect her. But, he could only delay the Justicanal for so long. Now, he finds other ways to help. Most recently, he has agreed to find Adriana Diablo counsel and aid in protecting her from Roarke Bellemorte. 

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