TITLE: Demonologist, Marketing Manager of the Illuminati Corp.

RACE: Witch

HANDS OF POWER: Necromancy (Spirit) and Demonika, Dominate (Nascent)

MERITS: Occult (Bethany is a world expert on the subject), Subterfuge (Bethany has learned how to manipulate both mortals and demons), Bureaucracy, Ritual Knowledge (A vital skill in her field of work) Linguistics (Beth has a natural affinity for language and is fluent in several, including some Abyssal tongues)

FLAWS: Notoriety (Bethany’s darker activities remain unknown to most outside the Feranti but are widely rumoured), Overconfident (Bethany believes she knows everything there is to know about the Demon Worlds), Curiosity (Bethany’s thirst for knowledge is inexhaustible), Addiction (Chimaeran blood)

HISTORY: The Past - Bethany’s history has more than a hint of tragedy about it. She had the misfortune to live her first life during a difficult period of time for the Talamasca – she was born in England in the 1620s and was a young woman. just starting to stretch her powers during the Witch Craze of the 1640s. Although her family was not wealthy, Beth was well raised and received a good education. From a strong Roman Catholic background, Beth did her best to keep her developing powers secret by immersing herself in her father's book collection. Starting with religious writings, Beth moved on to legend and history and then towards the occult. Initially justifying her interest to her father by claiming she wanted to understand how to prevent such evils, Beth became increasingly fascinated by the world of the supernatural. She was a voracious reader and studied as much as she could about the Other Realms, Heaven and Hell. She was welcomed into the local coven of Talamasca, where her studies were viewed with interest and encouraged.

Beth may have kept her interest solely in books had it not been for the hysteria of the Witch Hunts of the 1640s. Desperate to save their own lives, a Talamasca denounced the young Bethany as a worshiper of Satan who had cavorted with demons. The authorities raided Beth’s family home and found books and notes on the studies that seemed to confirm their worst fears. Beth pleaded her innocence but died during brutal torture within a week, forsaken by her father and heartbroken that a member of her own clan had betrayed her.

Beth kept a low profile for her next for lifetimes, cautiously studying her interests but feeling terribly isolated. She swore never to trust the Talamasca again after her betrayal. She may have remained this way, a lone witch, had she not encountered the a fellow Talamasca with an interest in the underworld - John.  With his likeable English charm and friendly manner, John gradually tempted Beth out of her shell.  As their relationship bloomed, Bethany rejoined Talamasca society and was accepted into a local coven.

Unfortunately for her, the dark nature of her studies alarmed local Talamasca leaders.  John could have vouched for her and protected her, but his battle with alcoholism was at its height and the only times he was sober were when he slept.  He could not defend Bethany from the accusations that came against her, nor speak for her innocence when she placed on trial for continuing to practice Demonology.  Jealous and ignorant witches trumped up the charges and the sentence was unduly harsh – either cease the study of The Hells or face the sealing of her magic abilities forever.  If only John had been sober, he could have protected her, but he remained curled around his whiskey bottle.

In her hour of desperation, Dante came into Bethany’s life.  Dante’s supernatural charm and charisma was something unknown to Bethany, and he introduced her to something other than the Talamasca – the Feranti. Here, he promised, her study would not only be allowed but in fact encouraged.  She would not be a pariah but a valued part of a family of witches.  With no where else to turn, Bethany accepted his offer and abandoned her life as a Talamasca forever.

For the first time Bethany felt a sense of belonging and community, something she had lacked since her betrayal in the 1640s. More importantly, Rasputin was able to offer her even the most obscure volumes on the Nine Hells, books that Bethany eagerly accepted. Within months of joining the Feranti, Bethany was able to summon her first demon, imprisoning it briefly within a magic circle. From that time onwards, Beth’s power and skills have steadily grown, and her intentions have darkened with them. When Dante stepped in and modernized the Feranti into a clan in their own right, Bethany was amongst the first to openly declare her allegiance.

For some time, Bethany held the position of  Marketing Manager within the Illuminati Corp, and used her demonic connections to gain insider trading tips and other business advantages, as well as taping them for deeper and darker knowledge.  However, she began to grow frustrated by the menial nature of her work and even more so by the arrogance shown towards her by Dante, her saw her as little more than a resource to be exploited.  Gradually, Bethany began to work less for Dante and more for herself, exploring the possibilities of acquiring one of the fabled Keys – The Heart of Gaia.  Soon, she had discovered the Heart of Gaia belonged to Natalie Talamasca, now the lover of John – the man who had brought her from solitude years earlier.

Dante began to discover Bethany’s ambitions and was enraged by what he saw as a betrayal.  For her own protection and also to place her closer to her target, Bethany fled the Feranti and moved in with Natalie, telling her half truths that she could somehow reverse the prophecy of Natalie’s impending death.  From this position, Bethany has worked ceaselessly to prepare for the ritual that will take the Heart of Gaia – and Natalie’s life with it.

The Present - Bethany is a demonologist, and indeed may be the greatest in her rare field. Over her several lifetimes she has made a great study of the beings that inhabit what are commonly known on Earth as The Hells. Since joining the ranks of the Feranti, she has for the first time felt comfortable to summon this creatures direct to our plane, and bind them to do her will. Starting with simple gremlins and other dretches, Bethany has steadily increased her powers to the point where she is close to summoning first order demons and forcing them to accede to her commands.

Bethany has several homunculi demons at her immediate beck and call. Although of no use for the knowledge she seeks, they make highly effective personal bodyguards. More than one would-be assassin has received a horrifying (and fatal) surprise while stalking the witch.

Bethany is eager that the door between the realms be opened. She believes that with the proper knowledge and preparation, she will be able to control and maybe even imprison the Outsider that demands entry. Even if she cannot do this, the prospect of gaining access to another realm and the supernatural creatures within is a very tempting one for the ambitious demonologist.

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