TITLE: Chimaera Bad Boy, Oldest Living Diablo

RACE: Kindred

HANDS OF POWER: Dementia, Entropy (new...due to the key)

MERITS: Seduction, Jack of All Trades, Larceny, and Torture

FLAWS: Bad Moon, Hunted

HISTORY: The Past - If the Diablo family could have a poster child that represented every one of their characteristics to the extreme, Bastian would be it. He's brash, impulsive, ruthless, abnormally cruel, detests any form of authority, is insanely volatile and as far as anyone can tell has no soul. Knowing all this, you would think he would be The Diablo family’s pride and joy…and sometimes he comes close to it. But on the most part the elders of his clan barely refrain from killing him due to his disrespect of their positions, machinations and apparent dementia. Little do they know there is a method to his feigned madness. If they only knew.

Born more than 3000 years ago, Sebastian is older than his King and Queen, being a child of Meharet. He met his sire after he fled to Greece, escaping punishment for his many acts of debauchery. The priestess took an interest to him immediately after she found him with not one, but two of her ladies. She found him to be spoiled, arrogant, cruel and very very wicked – qualities others may abhor, but ones she treasured. Instead of killing him for deflowering her virgin priestesses and with a smile no doubt (she had killed for less), she embraced him. It was one of the best decisions she had ever made.

As a mortal, Bastian had wanted so much and as Kindred, he wanted to rule the world. Who was Meharet to stop him, when that too was her plan in unlife. Together the two manipulated, schemed and seduced their way to the noble heads of power. They became the true heads of power though they were hidden from sight by the proverbial ‘curtain’. It mattered little to them. They enjoyed pulling the strings to their puppets and their reign for over a thousand years. But like all things, it came to an end. The great empires crumbled and the two vampires grew bored with one another and when the dust had settled went their separate ways.

For the next few centuries, Sebastian roamed the earth, leaving a path of destruction and terror behind him. He is the Chimaera bad boy, even the Unseelie Fey finding themselves in awe of the man. His reputation is notorious and no one can understand why he is still alive. Surely Selene, Seth or the Powers that be would have gotten rid of him long ago. Of course that is not to say that many have tried to take his life and failed.

There are four things that are the most important in Bastian’s life: sex, money, power and pain, though not necessarily in that order. He rarely sleeps alone, his bed always having a willing or unwilling partner. He hides his power behind a mocking indifference. He loves rules, his rules. When provoked or challenged in any way, Sebastian does not hesitate to prove his prowess. He is an excellent manipulator being both extremely intelligent and calculating. He does things to amuse himself and no other. You would think he would be ruling the Diablo Clan if not seated in Gia’s chair. The truth is he could care less about ruling the clan, as he cares little for them and as far as the Head chair of the Council and the Chimaera, well he tried and lost. Of course that does not mean he won’t try again.

Sebastian has been known to break hearts and leave a bloody path wherever he goes and there are very few who are immune to his plots. And he enjoys his work…a lot. In fact nothing gives him more pleasure then to see someone squirm because of the things he has done. You see Sebastian adores pushing peoples buttons, and is constantly trying to piss everyone off.

He deliberately pushes the envelope, antagonizes the mortal world and does what he pleases. In other words he’ll do anything that will cause chaos or get him killed. But Sebastian’s head seems to be fine. Who knows why. Maybe he has friends in high places. He's cruel, calculated and more than determined to have NY as his new playground…Let the games begin.

The Present - Most recently, Sebastian found the fabled skull of Rhais, one of the 13 keys. Will it be enough to save his family from extinction?

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