TITLE: Head Enforcer to the Noblesse Family, Gia's childe, and Ladies Man

RACE: Kindred


MERITS: Awareness, Ritual magic, Martial Arts (Swords...particularly a family broadsword)

FLAWS: Death Wish, Secret Friendship

HISTORY: The Past - Gorgeous in an annoying sort of way is how one past love described him. Maybe it is his hair that is a rich sable color, dark and glossy and almost impossible not to run your fingers through it. Or perhaps his mouth which is well-curved with a startling sensuality. Maybe it his eyes, that always shine with mischief. Or the sleek lines of his body. In any case, most women have found him irresistible. 44 wives in fact.

He is sensual and charming…a practiced art and one that he does quite well, a bit arrogant, but so good natured that you cannot help but adore him. Of course that’s why Gia embraced him in the first place. He has your typical Latin temperament, so he is prone to be hot-tempered and to let his emotions and passions rule him. And he’s a complete adrenaline junkie; he loves to thrill seek and test the limits of his own immortality dragging his willing queen along with him when she lets him.

But there is another side of Asher. A deadly side, for he is the Enforcer of the Noblesse family, a job he has held for the past 400 years. He is the one that does Gia’s dirty work and the one that keeps her aware of what her family is doing as well as the other clans. Nothing seems to escape his knowledge when it comes to members of his kind. And more than once he has been called by another clan to be a personal hitman. Asher’s skill with blades is almost unmatched and if you are unlucky enough to cross him, one of them will bring you to your final rest. Being close friends with the King of the Sluagh doesn’t hurt either.

Privately and silently, he is determined to make Gia bring their clan back into the power it had so long ago.   Even if it means breaking the rules to do it…or making friends with very unlikely allies.

The Present - Most recently, Asher began a relationship with Medea, one that Gia is not quite aware of yet. If that wasn't trouble enough, he also decided to continue dating other women.

See also Gia, Frost