NICKNAME: Roger (Pronounced Roget)

RACE: Human/Witch


MERITS: Martial Arts, Security, Drive

FLAWS: Amnesia (Does not remember where he is from or what happened to him; only that he was sent to protect Natalie Talamasca), Hunted (They already tried to kill him once)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Arapmoi is an African man of average height with an athletic build. He is a more than competent hand-to-hand combatant allowing him to protect himself when his magic fails. His skin is even while his eyes contain an odd tint of green. Always well groomed, Arapmoi fits all he wears very well. His body bears scars gained recently in an attack that nearly cost him this life. He has a tattoo of an upside down three tined trident on his left bicep.  Arapmoi has no memory of the significance of this piece of body art.

PSYCHOLOGICAL:Trustworthy, faithful, and vigilant would describe Arapmoi to a tee. His current amnesia frustrates him yet he doesn't show it. In his own words, "I remember I was sent to protect Natalie,  and I remember the magic. It will have to be enough." While he wishes to explore his past, he knows that his first duty is to the Clan. His second duty is to discover who tried to kill him and why. Once charged with a mission, Arapmoi will be completely dedicated to  that mission's completion. This can sometimes cause him to lose sight of personal issues he is involved in.

While he is a keeper of tradition Roger sees flaws in the Justicanal. It can be too easily manipulated to give the desired outcome to a select few. He always remains wary of this antiquated justice system. Dark magic frightens him. Roger is a firm believer that no one can wield it safely. As your skill with it grows so does its ability to warp the user. It is a major sticking point between he and his friend John Constantine.

While he has never been close to any of the nobility Roger always believed in an ordered House. Succession was to be handled in the proper fashion. The recent coup that has deposed Gitanne truly disturbed him. He sees Darian as an unstable element in a world that is in upheaval. He is a soldier and awaits the call to battle from his Clan.

The Past - Arapmoi's first incarnation was in 1878. He was a skilled Zulu warrior that played a key role in handing the British their worst defeat prior to World War I at the Battle of Isandlwana. He was the personal guard of Chetswayo half-brother of Shaka. Always knowing he was different, his true nature was revealed to him by Thomas Helmsford a British Soldier and Witch belonging to Clan Talamasca. Thomas referred to him as the `Lost One' due to the fact that he knew Arapmoi was Talamasca but could not define his lineage. Arapmoi learned the `Ways of the Air' from Thomas after he returned with him to England as his servant.

Arapmoi and Thomas grew close as time passed. Thomas never ceased trying to identify Arapmoi's lineage. Leaving no stone unturned, Thomas looked into the literal meaning of his charge's name. Arapmoi's mother was from the People of Africa's Rift Valley. His name translates to `Son of War'. Thomas saw a Protector in making and turned his teachings towards providing a future guardian for the Clan.

His second incarnation came in 1941 where he served with the 332nd Fighter Group known as the Tuskegee Airmen. As a fighter pilot he spent hours in the open sky that he loved. In this life, Arapmoi died protecting the young Talamasca heiress from an assassination attempt launched by the Diablo.

The Present - Arapmoi was sent to watch over Natalie Talamasca. The Prophecies state that this is to be her last life and that she will be murdered. He will do everything in his power to prevent this. An attempt on his life by a Feranti assassin has left him with amnesia. His mind is healing but oh so slowly. His hope is to regain all of his memories so that he may be a more useful protector and to find the people that tried to kill him. The latter will not be an issue, as the Feranti remain in pursuit. Somewhere in his darkened memory lies an important truth about the Feranti that would aid the Talamasca in these darkening times.