TITLE: Gitanne's Middle Sister, Princess Abukcheech, Pajackok, Cynthia Whitehorse

RACE: Kindred

HAND OF POWER: Animalism (Master)

MERITS: Animal, Enchanting Voice, Calm Heart

FLAWS: Amnesia, Overconfident

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Antigone appears to be a Native American woman in her mid 20s, she is extremely attractive, with beautiful jet black hair, chestnut brown eyes, and a gorgeous figure. She appears to be approximately 5’8” 125 lbs.

HISTORY: The Past - She was born almost five The vampire Antigone was born Princess Abukcheech, an Algonquin girl‘s name meaning “mouse“, because she had been born early and was tiny. She was the daughter of a local Wappinger village chieftain located in what is modern day SoHo, in 1620. One of the young girl’s first memories was the meeting of the strange white men in 1626. Although she was only six years old, she could sense something important was happening. She was forced to leave her home, forced to live in a Wappinger village to the west, where Abukcheech was not a Princess and her father was not a chief. She saw her father die before his fortieth birthday in 1638.

The young girl turned her rage outward, toward the Dutch invaders of her land, knocking down all the beautiful trees, scaring away the wild game, caring only about their own selfish needs. The Wappinger woman now went by Pajackok, an Algonquin name meaning “thunder”. She had grown to be a beautiful maiden of twenty. That year she started riding into Manhattan and slitting the throats of young settlers, starting homes and businesses on fire, she wanted to burn it all down. After a full two years of her terrorism, she was caught trying to set a warehouse on fire. Luckily for her, the white men did not think a girl with such a beautiful voice capable of murder, so instead of killing her, they shipped her back to England, as a songbird in a gilded cage. She was displayed as a prize of war, a beautiful barbarian woman with the voice of an angel. While on display at the Jacobean court, the great vampire Marius saw the pleading in her eyes, the revenge on her mind, the blood on her hands. Marius rescued her from her captures, and embraced her sometime in the summer of 1642.

Marius, who always did have a scholarly bent, renamed the young childe Antigone, and she remained by his side until she mysteriously disappeared on a trip through the American west in 1867. This is where the gap in her memory begins. In May, 1999, she was arrested for squatting in an abandoned farmhouse near the Ox-Bow area of Montana, cold and almost catatonic. Since that time, she reinvented herself as an expert on animals, she seemed to have a relaxing effect on them. She began calling herself Cynthia Whitehorse, a Nez Perce Indian from Helena. She moved into a small cabin in the Ox-Bow, where she was the local animal doc. She lived this way for three years, blissfully unaware of her true identity. About a year ago, she began having dreams about her before life as Abukcheech, then all at once about three months ago she awoke with the full realization of who she is, and what she is.

Manhattan is her home, and it is her place of power. While in Manhattan, she feels indestructible, an overconfidence that may prove to be her undoing. Although she knows who she is, and how to use her powers, she still has a gap in her memory of over one hundred years. She would very much like to know what happened to her all those years ago, and especially who to blame. She has her suspicions, but so far she isn’t pointing any fingers, yet. Antigone has Animal Master as her Hand of Power. With this power she can use any one of the abilities of nearby animals. The sight of a circling hawk, or the strength of the huge gorilla in the Central Park Zoo. The animals must be near for this Hand of Power to work, and the animals must be under no threat or duress.  She is extremely close to Gia, but feels torn between her and Medea.  In the end her loyalty would like with the Noblesse family as a whole.

See Also Gia, Medea and Marius