TITLE: Lord Pariah Andrew Lebanon, Baron of Inwood Park, or alternately, the King of Freaks



MERITS: Bureaucracy (An important thing to have when dealing with people that make Machiavelli look like a saint), Greymayre, Firearms (For the  Dirty Harry angle)

FLAWS: Code of Honor, Dark Secret

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Andy looks twenty-eight, though his real age is closer to 250. He has dark blue eyes, curly brown hair that seems to stand out in all directions, and blue and red tribal tattoos covering his arms. He always has two days' growth of stubble, and always dresses in jeans and a T-shirt, even when attending a formal gathering. For formal gatherings, he at least puts on a relatively nice looking trench coat over his usual attire. He is possibly the most laid-back slacker type amongst the Fey, choosing to do only things that make him happy and comfortable. If someone angers him, however, he will exact torturous vengeance on the offending party and will hunt them down to all the ends of the earth if necessary. His height is 5'11", and he weighs 190 pounds. For whatever reasons, he uses glamour mostly to disguise his ears, as he is Sidhe.

HISTORY: Andy came into being on a slow summer day in the eighteenth century in a suburb of New York City to two elves with nothing better to do than procreate. When he was old enough, he immediately took to the intrigues in the High Court, likening them to Venetian politics. To this end, he worked as a court assassin during a conflict with the Seelie court, killing his way up the power structure until he was promoted into a decent position, and then had his friends launch a brutal attack on a lesser ruler of the Seelie Court, one who ruled Inwood Park. The attack was a success, not just wiping out the leader, but also exterminating all the Seelie in that region. Several of the higher-ranked members of the Unseelie Court took notice, and appealed on Andy's behalf for him to become ruler of that region. The region was granted to him, and Andy immediately gave himself the title of King of Freaks, just to satisfy his sense of humor. Andy has been a loyal member of the Unseelie, but occasionally he switch-hits to bring in a bit more influence in New York. He also had a human wife, a Satinamuh who didn't know he was Fey. They had a child, but she soon divorced him for living in a cave, his only occasional bathing, almost-nonexistent grooming, and for his atrocious actions towards his enemies. Were she to finally figure out that he wasn't human, she would immediately hunt him down as voraciously as he would anyone else who wronged him. For this reason, Andy does not tell anyone that he had a wife, or what his wife was. He tries to keep his son as far away from him as possible, as well. He maintains a decent position in court, but many people think that his way of handling matters is crude, unrefined, and that maybe it is time for him to be taken out of the picture once and for all.