FULL NAME: Raymond "Amatheon" Rivard

RACE: Human/Chimaera Hybrid

HANDS OF POWER: Astral Flame (The combination of the various Chimaeran species and the demonís power have blended into a strange ability that grants Amatheon control of a unique element resembling a shimmering blue flame.  The astral fire is under his complete manipulative command, and manifests as a blazing aura surrounding his mutated right arm)

MERITS: Amatheon is a master of hand-to-hand combat, as well as a weapons expert. His various modifications grant him enhanced abilities if he feeds his Kindred urges, otherwise he is little more than a regular human. He is Devoted to Gitanne and cannot nor will not go against Gitanne's will or the wellbeing of the Noblesse family.

FLAWS: Devotion to Gitanne, Amatheon cannot and will not go against Gitanneís will or the wellbeing of the Noblesse family. The only exception is his devotion to finding Mariusí killer(s), an endeavour which overshadows all other ambitions.  Also, Amatheon questions his own humanity and his reluctance to feed battles with his thirst for the power of the Chimaera.  Often, after long periods without feeding, his scarred body and mutated arm appear as he loses control over the very slight form of glamour he uses to hide his disfigurement. He also suffers from long bouts of severe depression, nightmares and fits of rage that result from the constant psychological battle with the demon inside him.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Amatheon is six feet tall, bald, and appears extremely fit.  He has bright green eyes and heavy scarring across his body.  Feyan elements in his body allow him to disguise much of his scarring and hide his thickly muscled, clawed and coarsely haired right arm, with the exception of nights bearing a full moon.  Demonic markings decorate the insides of his forearms as well as much of his chest and back, side effects from the introduction of the demon into his body.

HISTORY: Born Raymond Jacques Rivard, Amatheon was a member of the International Crisis Aversion Initiative in the First Encounter Assault/Recon division since its conception.  Unfortunately, no record exists of precisely when the Initiative was founded.  ICAI was a little-known effort by several members of the international community to assemble an army to be used in the intervention of potentially large-scale civil or international conflict.  The FEAR unit was to be the tip of the ICAI spear, the first unit to enter a potential operation zone in order to either end the conflict swiftly, or to gather information for large-scale involvement.  On the surface, the Initiative was all it promised, and was directly responsible for the quelling of several violent disputes.  Beneath the public addresses and peacekeeping missions, however, the ICAI was involved in experimentation that involved specimens which were, at the time, unheard of in common society.  The true purpose of the ICAI was the protection of the civilized world from the creatures that existed, officially, only in popular mythology.

During a routine reconnaissance sweep of Mongoliaís eastern border, Rivard was severely wounded, suffering a partially severed spinal cord which resulted in the paralysis of his right arm and impaired cardiorespiratory function.  He also suffered from a deep laceration on the side of his neck and was experiencing strange symptoms that left non-ICAI medics perplexed.  He was successfully evacuated, however, and using technology years ahead of mainstream medical practice, stem cells were extracted from a captured Kindred subject and injected into Rivard.

Due to the nature of his treatment, Rivard was reassigned to the Chimaeran interests division of ICAI, taking on the alias ďAmatheon.Ē  The Kindred cells reacted with his human physiology, healing his damaged spine completely, but also cursing him with the Kindred thirst.  Careful study and examination revealed no ill effect from prolonged blood starvation, but feeding resulted in heightened senses and abilities, almost equal to those of a legitimate vampire.  It was during this assignment following his examination period that he met Marius Noblesse.

Intrigued by Marius, Amatheon grew attached to the Noblesse King and became an unofficial member of the clan.  On more than one occasion, Amatheon was a strong factor in the defense of Mariusí life; acts of skill and bravery which Marius awarded with a position as member of the Ravens.  As a Raven, Amatheonís time was devoted to Marius and this increased presence in the Noblesse family introduced him to Mariusí daughter, Gitanne.  The two enjoyed a brief time as lovers, until the death of Marius announced the beginning of the end for Amatheon.  Crushed by the death of his friend, Amatheon was dedicated to bringing those responsible to justice, even after accepting the honour of becoming Giaís Guard Captain.

During his time in the Noblesse Court, Amatheon frequently retired to the ICAI medical labs for days at a time.  His surprising resilience to the Kindred cells had made Initiative science teams curious.  Over the course of several years, testing continued with the introduction of tissues from various species of Chimaera. These procedures were minor, and many samples were rejected by his system despite his strengthening by the Kindred DNA.

Less than a year after Mariusí assassination, a rumor began to circulate concerning the identities and location of Mariusí killers.  In blind haste, Amatheon set out to bring them to justice.  His hastiness triggered a trap set to eliminate the Noblesse Queen, instead nearly killing Amatheon.  Luckily, the ICAI maintained close surveillance of Amatheonís actions, and unbeknownst to his lover and the rest of his adopted clan, Amatheon was rescued from the wreckage.  Rushed to emergency medical attention at the ICAI headquarters in St. Petersburg, more drastic trials in Chimaeran modification were deigned his only chance for survival.  Thorough grafting of lycanthropic muscle mass into his damaged right arm resulted in the mutation of the appendage into an unsightly but powerful construct, and the introduction of Feyan and Unseelie genetics through blood replacement and surgical implantation of damaged systems, combined with his already well-developed Noblesse genes, began to grant him strange new powers.

Once his body was stabilized after many months of treatment, a new subject was brought in to be tested on his heavily engineered system.  An artifact had been found locked away deep in the catacombs of an ancient cathedral, a blood stone, possibly the last in existence, recovered by ICAI extraction teams.  The small gem was home to the soul of a powerful demon, captured hundreds of years ago by the long-dead clergy of the cathedral.  When the stone was exposed to the psychologically weak Amatheon, it shattered and the demonís soul merged with the various Chimaeran grafts and implants that composed his physiology, those parts most sensitive to spiritual influence.

Officially, the man named Raymond Jacques Rivard was killed seven years ago.  In the time that followed, Clay was named Captain of the Ravens and life in the Noblesse clan and the entire Chimaeran world continued as it had done, until one particularly close assassination attempt on the Queen of the Noblesse drew one dark figure inexplicably back in the direction of his former lifeÖ

Recently he has returned to New York City and to the Noblesse Household.  However, much has changed.  Clay is now Captain of the Guard and Gitanne isn't quite the woman he left seven years ago.